Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Goals

Ok lovelies, can I be honest?? I am NOT a fan of October!! It just feels very, very in betweeny and although I love seeing the leaves changing colour but I don't like halloween and honestly I'm normally just waiting for November and bonfire night!

Butttt I am determined to make October the best month yet!

I haven't done a goals post since July so let's see how those worked out:

1. Find out results from university (I GOT A 2.1)
2. Start my new job (still there and going well)
3. Start healthy eating (more on that below) 
4. Start running again (see below)
5. Create a budget and stick to it (check out Money Monday on Monday)
6. Begin to plan a NW blog meet up (yes and it was wonderful!) See here.
7. Work through old posts (some need deleting others need editing) (nope! Blogger decides to sometimes republish old posts right at the top of my feed!)

8. Book for blogfest 2014. Are you going? (I'm not actually going but are you?)

So what are my goals for October?

Make October the BEST month yet- I'm working with One Six Eight Fitness (online personal training) and everybody involved is working to make October their best month yet. How?

- Attend all personal training sessions (for me these are check in phone calls)
- Exercise five time a week
- Give up alcohol for the month
-Make healthy changes to diet/follow a healthy food plan (Becky is working on mine)
-Attend our workshop next week/watch the videos online

This week I'm feeling really motivated and hope that keeps up!

Sort my sock drawer out- I know this sounds like an excuse for missing a boring night out. But this SERIOUSLY needs doing. Along with a few other bits that still need sorting after the move. 

Actually organise those "we have to do something soon moments" - I am soo guilty of saying "Yes we'll do something soon" and then never arranging it. This month I'm determined to get firm dates in the diary. 

Buy at least half of my Christmas presents- I've already bought one or two but with a lot to buy I need to get myself organised. 

Plan an Autumnal date - I absolutely love this list of "16 Thrifty Autumn Dates" from A Thrifty Mrs. I am definitely up for an Aumtnal picnic with hot chocolate or watching the sunrise with Hot chocolate. Yes please!! I'm particuarly keen to rock this blanket cloak at the same time. 

What are your goals for October? 

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