Monday, 6 October 2014

Money Talks Monday- October

Hello Lovelies

I completely forgot about Money Monday in September I think because of the rebrand! But itsss back!! Yey!

Soooo what's the deal?

Credit card- £1373.34/£1600

Well... I have moved my £1600 on to a 0% interest credit card. Which seemed like a very sensible idea. However, I've realised how easy it would be to get into more debt like this! My new card has a £4000 credit limit with 0% for 34 months or something crazy.... wouldn't it be SO easy to just rack that up? Mental! Butttt... I'm being good and I've managed to clear an extra £250 off this month which I'm really happy with.

I'm hoping to clear my credit card as quickly as possible especially as we'll be applying for a mortgage sooner. 

Overdraft- £300/£1500

I've gradually been aiming to move at least £150 a month in to my savings account so when the full £1500 (or more) is in there I can pay my overdraft in one hit otherwise I know I'll be tempted to dip in to it or just not keep track! 

October Budget

Paid: £833 

£150- Credit Card
£150- Overdraft

£100- Rent
£50- Phone
£80- Petrol
£32 - Gym
£60- Food

Total spend: £622

I also need to buy: Christmas presents, a graduation dress (potentially- I may just use one I already have), Andy's mums birthday present. 

The good news? I just received a £250 cheque from the tax man. Hooray!! Potentially this will go towards both overdraft, credit card and a little towards Christmas.. but it might go towards a deposit as we may be moving out and renting a little sooner than expected!

I was also able to cancel some phone insurance I've been paying mistakenly for about two years!! So that's a nice saving of £10 a month. 

The bad news? I rung 02 and asked them to lower my tariff and was given a resounding no! BUTTTT apparently if you have a family member who works for the NHS you can use their discount. Thanks, twin sis!

and finally... I still reallllyyyyy need to work on not giving in to impulse buys.. since pdayday on Thursday I've bought: a blanket cloak (I did have a £10 voucher), a new bible and worship CD, two belts and a pair of jeans. OOPS! 

What are your money saving tips? 

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