Monday, 15 September 2014

Wandering Back To God

God's love
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This is definitely a different kind of post. I don't really talk about God or my faith a lot on my blog. That isn't a conscious decision, it's just the way things have been. I read a lot of blogs by Christian women, especially in America and I'm always really inspired by their honesty.

In the growth of my blog and the rebranding, I didn't really give God the glory, as I should have done. In fact, an old friend really challenged me when she asked why I blogged and then she pointed out I hadn't actually mentioned God at all in my explanation. Oh. 

Recently I've been thinking a lot about where I'm at with God. and the best way to describe it is distant and apathetic. I think there are times when you can be distant and reallly trying hard to find your way back. But that's not where I'm at: I'm not reading my bible, I'm praying only in crisis situations, I'm attending Church intermittently but if I can find a reason not to go I don't exactly battle it! And yet, I'm trying to set an example to Andy of what a Christian lifestyle looks like... 

So why? It's not because I'm dating a non-Christian, I know that would be a lot of people's assumptions, I think it was before that. I felt judged by some of the Christians around me so I stopped wanting to be around them! And I just got lazy... it was easier to stay in bed then go to Church, it was easier to ring someone when I was upset then turn to God, it was easier to read twitter than my bible. You know?

But I've just become so aware of it recently. and I want something to change. 

Recently I've made more friends at my church, who I know I can stay accountable to. My sister has suggested an excellent bible reading plan and I'm determined to stick to it. Because, ultimately, God is waiting but I can't be lazy with it... I need to wander back... Perhaps the title of this blog post is wrong... wandering back to God- perhaps it'll be more of a walk, a run, a dance, a leap? 

Finally, I want to share something from Church yesterday (actually from a Children's bible):

"The people who God uses don't have to know a lot of things or have a lot of things they just have to need him a lot"

Oh, how I need him!

Until next time...

Can I pray for you?

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

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