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Staycation- 30 James Street

Don't you love the word Staycation? 

Andy got back from his month in America on 31st August and i'd intentionally booked Monday-Wednesday off of work so we had some time together and also to belatedly celebrate his birthday which he was away for.

I wanted to spoil him a bit because he spoils me alll the time and I also thought a night away somewhere would be nice. We love Liverpool and since it's only about 40 minutes away on the train it still feels like a Staycation. I've also been following Signature Living Hotels on facebook and twitter for a while and was keen to stay at their newest hotel 30 James Street.

Throughout August they were offering their love, sweet love package. Which included a night's stay, prosecco and cupcakes on arrival, rose petals and breakfast. Seemed ideal so I rung to see if they'd extend it to the start of September for me and also paid a bit extra for a double jacuzzi whirlpool bath because well.. you would wouldn't you?

Liverpool Hotel

Liverpool Hotel

So 30 James Street is two doors down from James Street station and is the place where the Titanic was registered. Naturally, it's themed around the Titanic and we stayed in the J Dawson suite (the man whom Leo DeCaprio's character is loosely based upon). Currently there is still some construction work going on, as the hotel is still really new but that didn't disturb our stay at all.

Liverpool Hotel
This was a lovely touch

Also, the decor is perhaps not to everyone's taste. It's very... decadent! The walls are mostly black, padded which can feel a little claustrophobic when you walk through the corridors but actually suited the room quite nicely, although I'm not sure I'll be taking inspiration for my next bedroom! 

The view from our window was beautiful, we could see the docks. And the rose petals, prosecco and cupcakes just made everything feel so romantic and like an extra special gift for Andy. Oh and the whirlpool bath was all kinds of wonderful (although I recommend ensuring all the jets are fully immersed in water before turning on otherwise you end up sprayed in the face... not relaxing). 

Liverpool Hotel

The breakfast was described as continental so I was worried we were only going to get pastries and fruit (nice, but if you're on holiday you want a nice cooked breakfast, no?) But it was actually soooo good. We got to eat on the seventh floor in the Carpathia restaurant which is really beautiful decorated and carries on the ship theme. It was buffet style with a great selection of cereal, fruit, yoghurt, toast and cooked items (including beans, mushrooms and eggs- a bonus for me, since I don't eat red meat!) and the staff were lovely too. 

Liverpool Hotel

Liverpool hotel

Liverpool Hotel
Google Plus Edited this for me, thanks!

What I will say is that the price tag reflects that you are staying at a luxury hotel and you pay for the little extras and the theme. This was a treat and perhaps wouldn't be somewhere I'd actively choose to stay if I'd searched around a bit. Especially since your budget chain hotels: Days Inn and Premier Inn aren't far away and I'm sure a quick google would show up boutique, individual hotels at a cheaper price. But as a one off and a nice treat I'm not going to turn my nose up.

Liverpool Hotel


There were two aspects I didn't like... the first was as we were checking out we were asked to fill in a satisfaction survey and my scores were pretty reasonable but for the reasons above I scored them a 3 out of 5 for price. One of the members of staff was looking over my shoulder the whole time and started questioning our responses which I found really uncomfortable and ended up clamming up and trying to fill the rest out quickly, Andy did explain we also had problems with the smart TV and they did offer us 10% off should we choose to stay again.

But here's why I might not stay again... I wore a blazer during the day and hung it up in the wardrobe. Stupidly I left it in the wardrobe and didn't realise until a few hours later. In most cases this is easily rectifiable, no? I rung the hotel who said they'd look in to it, contact house keeping and get back to me. Great! But two days later noone had rung me, so I rung again. Only to be told my blazer hadn't shown up in lost property. I expressed my disbelief and explained I didn't understand how it could have gone from the wardrobe to missing within hours. The guy I spoke with said he'd check again and ring me back the next day- as yet, I've yet to hear anything. Now, this might seem like a small thing and I know the original fault lies with me and my forgetfulness. But I haven't had an apology when I know for an absolute fact my blazer was in the wardrobe and it can't have disappeared. Unfortunately, it's really tainted my opinion of the hotel and staff and made me feel like I don't even want to utilise the 10% offer.  Would you be annoyed?

Until next time...

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