Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Hands up if you love free food?

Yea, me too!! So I was totally excited to be sent a Degustabox* this month. Now Desgustabox has been on the Blogopshere for a while but if you missed it here's the low down:

1. Sign up (normally £12.99 per month)- pppsst there's a cheeky discount at the bottom of this post!
2. Surprise- your box is sent to you (by courier) either by the end of the month you ordered or the first week of the next month
3. Review- which means eating and drinking the 9-14 items you were sent.

You can also give Desgustabox as a gift, for a friend who also likes free food! 

So what came this month?

1. Mexican Dave's - Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips
2. Berry White- Peach & Goji Berry drink
3. 2 x Schwartz flavour shots- Mexican Fajita & Spanish smoked chicken
4. Fever Tree drinks- Ginger beer & Tonic Water
5. Lindt Hello Just for you Heart Chocolates
6. Caswton Press Kid's Blends- Apple & Pear
7. Brioche Pasquier - Pain Au Lait
8. Dr Oetker - Edible Wafer Cases
9. Brioche Pasquier- Croissants Au Beurre 
10. Caribbean Twist - Strawberry Daiquiri 

This month also came with the launch of Degustabox Fridge which gives you vouchers for chilled or frozen food. This month's voucher was for a free MOMA! Bircher muesli breakfast multipack. Which I haven't picked up yet, but will review separately. 

Quite the selection hey? 

First off, I had to pick my box up from the post office and they told me it was leaking.. eeek. Turns out, somehow, the ginger beer bottle had smashed (although everything is well packed) and so everything was beautifully scented but sticky. So naturally, I won't be able to review that!

So what were my thoughts?

Berry White Peach & Goji Berry Drinks- I'm drinking this as I write this post. It is SOOOO good. It retails at £1.59 for 330ml so is a little pricey. But if I was feeling a little flush and thirsty I would definitely get this again. and I don't normally like peach flavours!

Lindt Hello Just for you chocolates- This was the first thing I ate. I LOVE Lindt chocolate and these are the perfect size so you don't feel really sick. They just fill your mouth with flavour. I want to buy them for everyone and give them as gifts at all times. 

Caribbean Twist- Strawberry Daiquiri 
I used to drink Caribbean Twist's Pina Colada a lot. So yummy, soooo cheap! I blended this with loads of ice and it was sooo good! 

Schwartz Mexican Fajita Flavour Shot
I actually used this for a recipe post I'm going to share soon. I LOVE Mexican food and this was really good and easy to use. However, it left a serious garlic taste in my mouth afterwards!

Schwartz Spanish Chicken Flavour Shot
I'm not sure what constitutes Spanish chicken but this was yummy with some rice! These are really easy to use and great flavours. Well worth buying for a nice, quick meal. Although we found some of it burnt in the pan. 

Mexican Dave's Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips
Again, I used this in a recipe. These are really yummy and not too salty so it's pretty easy to eat a lot!!! Plus I want to be friends with someone called Mexican Dave!

Cawston Press Kid's Blends- Apple & Pear
I'm not sure why this was kid's blend?? I guess the size. It was yummy though. I love apple juice but the pear really made it! I drunk it really quickly though so I wonder if they do a full size carton or adult size?

Brioche Pasquier- Croissants Au Beurre 
We had these for breakfast, mine with Jam. They're ok but I'm really much more of a fan fresh, flaky croissants. These are good for a quick snack and obviously they keep longer. But I don't think I'd buy them again in the future

Brioche Pasquier - Pain Au Lait
We haven't opened these yet.. they keep for ages! But I quite like sweet rolls so I'm looking forward to trying them! 

Fever Tree drinks- ginger beer & tonic Water
As I said earlier, the ginger beer bottle exploded in the post. I haven't got round to trying the tonic water yet, but is there much to say about tonic water??

Dr Oetker - Edible Wafer Cases
Have you ever eaten a cake and thought the paper case was wasteful? No? I hadn't until these arrived. I'm excited to do some baking and try these out!!

Want to give it a go? Enter: WMCMV when registering for a £3.00 discount. 

Degustabox have an excellent online presence, check out their twitter and facebook.

What food would you most like to receive as a surprise?

*Products marked with an asterix have been kindly sent to be for review- but I will never review anything which I don't think is relevant to my blog and I will always be 100% honest. 

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