Thursday, 7 August 2014

Top Travel Tips- Packing

Hi Lovelies, how are you?

I am happily watching Great British Bake Off (eee) and eating Roule & water crackers (SOOO good). 

So thank you for all your lovely comments on my last top travel tips, you are all sooo sweet!

Today I'm talking packing: (pretty much all of these are based on mistakes I made for American packing)

Pack what you actually wear
If you don't wear it at home, why are you taking it? I took a pair of board shorts I haven't worn in ages. Funnily enough, I didn't wear them in America! Why on earth did I take them? In fact I came home and donated them to a charity shop. What a waste of space. I literally took clothes I don't wear on a little jolly with me. 

Pack what fits
Last year I went to Greece, last year I was a size 8. This year I went to America, similar clothes yes? BUT this year I am a size 10. I took basically all the same clothes I'd taken to Greece and then had horrible, soul destroying moments when they didn't really fit. My tip? Try clothes on before you go!

You don't need all those shoes 
Seriously, for some this might seem like a crime. But I wore flipflops pretty much all the time and some nicer sandals when I went to the wedding or went out. Do you know what I didn't wear? Heels! Toooo much effort. If you're a heel girl (and I am at home) then take them, but if you're pretty sure that you'd rather be wearing sandals. Just don't pack them. Simples.

Dual Purpose
If you're one of those people who wore actual PJs or nighties, then can I suggest you don't bother on your holibobs? Shorts and T-shirts which you've packed anyway make excellent sleeping items, trust me. 

Leave room
You will want to bring stuff back. I bought a T-shirt, a hoodie, food, presents and a few bulky bits. I managed to bring it all back but with some serious skill because my suitcase was pretty full to begin with.

Plan outfits
I'm seriously not convinced by a capsule wardrobe but I do think planning ahead (and trying clothes on as you plan) is helpful for eliminating stuff that won't match. 

Pack an extra bag or so
Ones that you can put dirty laundry in so it's separate and easy to just dump in the washing machine when you get back. Huzzah!

Pack a back with compartments
I bought my pink roller case in 2010 it's been to London, Chester, Paris, Greece and America. I love it. You can pile as much in as you want and it all seems to fit. But it's also got a giant bit at the top which I always put undies (too much info) and occasionally shoes in. 

Pack some emergency clothes in your hand luggage
Seriously, luggage goes missing. At the very least pack a clean T-shirt and undies (again, sorry) in your hand luggage. You'll thank me later, I promise. 

I think that's everything. I don't really have any how to pack advice like the roll vs fold method (I actually favour a roll or flat method) 

What are your packing tips?

Until next time... 

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