Monday, 4 August 2014

Money Talks Monday - August

Hi Beauties

Happy Monday.

Andy left yesterday and I'll admit I've been a bit tearful since but I'm trying not to mope. So if anyone would like to contribute to my list of "Things to do instead of moping" please comment below or tweet me, all suggestions welcome!

So those eagle eyed readers amongst you may have noticed I didn't do a Money Monday for the last 2 weeks. That is because I decided I had tooo many other things I wanted to post about and therefore I decided just to post a Money Monday on the first Monday of each month.

So how was July?

I definitely made some savings- we started doing the bulk of our food shopping in Aldi which made a noticeable difference and I definitely bought less "in between food" since for the most part I took a packed lunch to work and therefore wasn't spending money on "meal deals". I also didn't buy any clothes .. I don't think!! But there were a few random purchases: meals out etc. That need to be curbed.

The good news/bad news story is that I sold my car, after she failed her MOT (this story has a silver lining)- although I was sad to let her go, since she was my first car & like my baby, it did mean that the money I got for her as scrap and the return on the insurance (plus, I would suggest some generosity from my mum) wiped out my debt to my mum and therefore around £600 of debt! 

So where would I like to improve? Less impulse buying especially when it comes to deciding to eat out/get a takeaway out of laziness. I also want to cut out buying diet coke because although I've cut down it's definitely an expense. Food generally is a huge expense even shopping at Aldi it's very easy to pick up lots of little extra.

Also I NEEED to note EVERYTHING down that I spend. So I can be more accountable and see exactly where every penny is going. The app I got was rubbish it told me I was in negative figures when all I'd touched was cash and not my card so I'm on the lookout for a better one.. suggestions welcome.

I also think I'm paying for phone insurance for a phone I no longer have so I desperately need to cancel that! 

So.. The stats for August:

Remaining debt: (approx)
£1500 - Overdraft
£1500- Credit card

What I got paid? 
£712 - Main Job (3 weeks of work) 
£150 (still to come)- PT/Evening youth work job. 

Total Income: £862 

To spend:
£150- overdraft
£100- credit card
£50- Phone bill
£18- Opticians
£80- Food
£160- Petrol (i'm driving Andy's car whilst he's away.. this is the worst case budget I really don't want to spend this much) 

Total necessary outgoing: £558
Remainder: £304

So where is that remainder going? So far this weekend I've spent £55 on a round of cocktails, a present for my best friend and a rain mac. 

It's also Andy's birthday this month so I know I'm going to be spending a bit preparing for that (although I won't be able to say exactly what until after belated birthday celebrations)

I can also pay for my graduation outfit from today which is an extra, unusual expense.
I'm also juice dieting next weekend (more on that later in the week) which might cost more than a usual weekends shop. But hoping to keep costs low. 

Finally, I know that I need to keep busy this month which tends to involve some extra expense... so.. any budget savvy socialising tips always useful. 

There is one positive which might make a difference I'm house/rabbit sitting for some friends who are usually generous enough to leave some money for food which should cover a weeks worth. 

So my two top budget goals for this month:
1. write down every thing I spend
2. Ensure money is put towards paying off overdraft/credit card (I've actually already transferred some money to put aside for my overdraft)  

What's your budget friendly socialising tip?

Until next time....

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