Sunday, 24 August 2014

Juice Detox- Results

Morning beauties, 

It's nearly the weekend!!

If you're not all caught up on my juice detox check out these posts: intro, day 1, day 2, day 3. Done? ok Hi! 

So.. How was it?

Honestly, I feel a bit smug. I really thought I'd be starving hungry the entire time and be grumpy as a result and a bit mournful. I wasn't. I turned down tea, biscuits, jelly babies, the works. The worst side effect was a bad headache towards the end of each day but I had that after the detox too so maybe that's something else. 

I have lost some weight though I'm told the Wiifit isn't that accurate and I didn't weigh myself on proper scaled beforehand but I think I lost between 3-4lb. My stomach feels flatter and some of the extra fat I've been noticing recently has gone/shrunk (I tried to phrase that in the least gross way!). I still think I have a way to go. I'd like to lose between a stone- a stone in a half before I'm happy with my body again. 

My clothes seem to be fitting better, I think because my stomach is flatter and I'm less bloated. Jeans that were a bit of a struggle to get on are going on easier. But again, I'd like to be a solid size 8 before I'm celebrating too much.

I've got more energy. It's now 2pm on my day off and I haven't had or craved a single cup of tea (this is a miracle, honestly) although I did have a diet coke after aqua fit for the most part I'm drinking water, fruit tea and juices.

I definitely want to introduce juices as a daily routine either for breakfast or lunch. I don't think I'll ever manage a 7 day detox because I was desperate to chew something by the end of the day 3 but I'd definitely consider a juice for breakfast and lunch then a healthy meal in the evening. Sorry Andy, you'll have to get used to it! My eating habits have changed I genuinely haven't craved or wanted biscuits or anything even when they were offered at work on Tuesday. I'm trying to eat healthy salads for lunch (FYI Tesco's low fat Caesar dressing is not that nice) and ensure I'm eating (or drinking) fruit and veg every day. 

Otherwise, I am enjoying exercise and the benefits of it for the first time in forever. I'm not about to turn in to a muscle Mary or be the kind of person who tweets gym selfies. But my mum has kindly offered her Wii fit for me to borrow (Andy's mum isn't going to know what's hit her when I move in with a juicer and a Wii fit) and yesterday I attended my first Aqua Fit class (I'm sorry it will always be aerobics, especially when you still play 80s music) which I'm hoping to make a weekly thing. 

This isn't to say it's all healthy eating and exercise, I'm determined it wont become obsessive and obviously I'm going to have the odd bit of junk, especially as I have a ton of frozen food in my freezer to use up before I move! 

Here are my top tips if you consider a juice detox (and I personally think everyone should)

1. You will need a juicer and a blender- this sounds obvious but juicers can be expensive and I was going to do it without, but it would have been even more labour intensive and probably not as beneficial. Invest or find a deal, like I did!

2. It takes commitment- some juicers you can bung whole fruits in (obviously, within reason) mine had a smaller chute so it took a lot of prep and it also takes a lot of washing up after. it's no more than if you were making a meal from scratch but definitely more than ordering a takeaway or shoving something in the microwave

3. Exercise alongside helps- one, it helps you to focus on something other than food. Two, it energises you. Three, it helps with the weight loss some more. 

4. You will need a tape measure- This might sound ridiculous, but if you're following the Jason Vale plans (which I 100% recommend) a lot of the recipes ask for 2.5 cm of a cucumber, celery, lemon etc. Now you might be better than me and able to do this by sight but I ended up measuring everything!

5. Drink allll the water- As much as you can and want. This will further the detox, do wonders for just about every part of you and stop you feeling hungry. 

6. Download the app -  I would totally recommend Jason Vale's website, books and the app "3 day detox" for recipes, videos and FAQs. 

I think that's everything I can think of. Thank you for you all your lovely comments, shares and tweets as I embarked on this detox. Perhaps next time you'll join me?

Until next time... 

p.s. If you're in the North West don't forget the bloggers meet up this Saturday comment below for details 

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