Sunday, 10 August 2014

Juice detox- day 2- live blog

9.30 am - writing this from my phone because I'm in a bit of a rush. So sorry for any rubbish formatting I'll sort it out later. Last night as soon as I said I wasn't hungry I started feeling hungry so I had my final smoothie "beyond detox" which had parsley and spinach in as well as apples, beetroot,cucumber and avocado.
I went to bed around 11 with a bad headache but slept right through.
Woke up feeling a bit panicked because church is earlier today but I've now got 30 mins to drink my hot lemon water and my juice so loads of time. I feel fine this morning,no different to any Sunday. I'd like to stay tucked up in bed with weather like this!
Today's juice is a berry and pineapple juice smoothie. My berries weren't looking very fresh this morning but I just picked the best ones. It tastes pretty good, very yoghurty! And because I've only juiced the pineapple I feel like I can leave the cleaning up until later! How's your day looking?

12.30 So far today i've face two detox trials. The first was whether or not to take communion! That sounds silly but it is still alcohol and solid food (ok the teeniest piece of bread) but does that count as cheating? and if I had a taste of bread would I want more? (I think I've been scared by the bread story in the 7lb in 7 days juice book!) - So there you go Jason Vale, there's a question... can I take communion and still be on detox? I decided to just take a blessing! Jesus understand, I'm sure! There was also tea and coffee after the service (with croissants) which I actually found quite easy to bypass.

I picked Andy's grandpa up to take him to Andy's mums, she'd invited me to lunch which I obviously had to decline- and I wasn't quite up for explaining why! Although the juicer will be moving in to her kitchen in 2 weeks time! But the food did smell amazing! I look forward to a roast dinner next week instead! I haven't had any real cravings for anything just the occasional "ooh that would be nice" the most reoccuring being baked beans, which is strange!

I've just made my lunch time juice: "dreamy detox" which is apple, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon. Again, it's nice (I blended it with loads of ice too). There has yet to be any juices that I've really not enjoyed but this green juice is a nice changed to the beetroot or berry ones I've been drinking the last 24 hours.

No sides effects as yet, I'm mopey for other reasons but going to try and combat that with some wiifit and packing!

9pm Today has been uneventful. I had my afternoon juice around 4.30 which was nice but I wasn't that hungry and I just sipped at it until it was finished. I wanted to go swimming this afternoon but the local pool closed at 5. So instead I walked to mine (I'm rabbit sitting at the moment) and did some sorting of the house- even being around food didn't really bother me. I walked back and went to make my dinner juice and start on pre making juices for tomorrow only to realise shock horror... middle class problem.. not enough avocados  and Tesco Express didn't have any! So I made do with what I had (and I'll get some extra bits tomorrow) I decided to have a hot n'spicy tonight which is just hot apple juice and cinnamon (I used ginger..) and is part of the 7lb in 7 days plan- I honestly haven't felt that hungry but though it was better to have something and keep my blood sugar levels up. 

I then embarked on the mammoth task of making four juices for tomorrow: one detox special, two detox H20s and a dreamy detox. Again, some ingredients were running low and so I had to be a bit creative with what I did have (other ingredients I seem to have in abundance). I've got them al ready for breakfast, mid morning, lunch and afternoon for tomorrow. But my afternoon juice has wound up a brown colour compared to yesterdays pink (I really will upload photos soon) so I think I might end up drinking that for breakfast and taking the less offensive looking one to work!

According to the Wiifit I've lost 3lb but that was weighing myself at different times in the day. I haven't felt any side effects today and haven't felt hungry. So all in all, a good day!

Until next time...

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