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Blog Chat Tuesday- Twenties Chic

Hello Lovelies

How are we? It's Blog Chat Tuesday again. YEY! This week I'm with another Smart Twenties blogger, Jen from Twenties Chic. Jen is not only super smart and professional she's also incredibly good at blogging advice and really lovely. It is absolutely my favourite part of blogging, getting to meet and chat to some amazing people from all around the world. 

1) Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

My name is Jen. I'm 26 years old, live in South Florida, and love keeping busy. I'm a lawyer by day, blogger and Beachbody coach by night and sometimes the wee hours of the morning ;)
I'm left handed, run only in fun marathons, think Netflix should just cave and become an original content provider full-time already, and have a soft spot for all tropical foods, from coconuts to Cuban pastries. 

2) Can you tell me a little about your blog? (i.e. whats it about, how did it get started etc?)

My blog is called Twenties Chic, your guide to surviving and thriving in the terrible twenties!
Twenties Chic is a lifestyle blog for twenty-somethings who, like me, don't have it all figured out yet but are doing their best to fake it till they make it! I feature everything from clean eating recipes to humorous lists and videos and my weekly “Workday Wednesday” series for young professionals. 

3. What's your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging gives you the ability to say what's on your mind, unabashedly, and reach a worldwide audience. I've been very pleasantly surprised by the reception I've gotten from the Internet community. It makes my day to see an email from someone who stumbled on the site and sees themselves in my posts. It's great to know that others can relate and that we're all in the same struggle together! I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed at how blogging allows people of all ethnicities and backgrounds to find common ground. 

4. What's your least favourite thing?

I'd say the hardest part of being a blogger is opening yourself up to criticism. Inevitably, the more popular a post becomes the more likely it is to get negative feedback in addition to praise. I've been trying to work on having thick skin and not take it personally, but it's easier said than done. In the meantime, I've decided to cope by using my experience as motivation for a future blog post. I'm thinking something along the lines of, “Haters Gonna Hate: How Not to Let Internet Trolls Slow Your Roll.”

5. If you could write any other type of blog what would it be?

Food, entertainment, or hotel review blog. Those people get paid to eat, go to shows, and travel. Sign me up!
6. Do you have any blogs that you'd recommend?

I'm a fan of Sam at Smart Twenties*,, she found me when I was first getting started and has been really helpful along the way. Hers is another twenties lifestyle blog, check it out!
For travel, I like The Mochilera Diaries:

For crafts, the Crafty Lumberjacks are absolutely adorable: 
For recipes, I like Flavours and Frosting,, and everything from Pure Grace Farms,, because it all looks so yummy!

7. What three things would you say to wannabe bloggers?

Don't feel you have to put yourself into a niche or category.
Do put yourself out there, magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone!
Have fun with it! Do it because you enjoy it, not because you expect something from it. Blogging is purely a labor of love. 

8. Anything else you'd like to add.

Yes! I write for Elite Daily, you can find a full list of my pieces at If you haven't checked them out in the past, they're the self-proclaimed “voice of Gen Y” and have a lot of interesting content--Forbes just deemed them the next Buzzfeed!

How great is she?? Seriously, check out some of Jen's stuff on Elite Daily it is very cool! Thanks so much for joining me today Jen and good luck with the beach body- perhaps I should join you?

Until next time...

*Sam is amazing!! She will be joining Blog Chat Tuesday one day soon so keep checking back!

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