Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Travel Tips- Flying

Hello beauties

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I got back from America and now Andy is off for the month on Sunday (I'm obviously not going to mope...) so it's got me thinking about what my top travel tips are. 

So today I'm talking about top tips for flying: 

Buy a hand luggage bag with pockets-  we bought an amazing bag in terms of size. The problem was it's got no pockets so it made accessing anything quickly quite difficult (it did mean I got free wine on my flight though) 

Put urgently needed things in a separate bag- This was my solution to the no pockets drama. Things I knew I'd need to access quickly: i.e. my travel docs, wallet and phone I put in a shopper bag near the top of my hand luggage.

Keep your documents together and easily accessed- I can't stress this enough. Don't be THAT person!! Andy bought me a document holder. It's not that pretty but it held my passport, travel money, flight information, travel insurance details and ESTA altogether. 

Sort your hand luggage out before security- again, don't be THAT person. Get your laptop/I-Pad etc out beforehand and have bottles/liquids etc in a plastic bag ready to go!

Wear easily slipped off shoes- I wore hi-tops and then had to quickly undo alll the laces. But also don't wear flipflops or anything like that because your feet will get cold. 

Pack a cover up- The plane will get cold. The blankets are meant to be kind of gross (I bought my own) and they're also small! Even if you're flying from/to a warm place. Ensure you have some kind of cover up with you. For me it was a light weight shirt other people pack big scarf/pashmina things. Whatever works.

Take a pen- You might fill out a form or need to note something down or something. Keep a pen handy. Plus even if they provide one you can be super smug about having your own. 

Get stuff out that you'll use on the plane- Part of my hand luggage was extra stuff that wouldn't go in my case but not necessarily stuff I needed on the flight. Before we had to be seated I grabbed the stuff I knew I'd want during the flight made sure that was handy then put the rest in the overhead/under my seat. This meant I wasn't scrabbling around for it and annoying my fellow seat buddies!

 Research the airline- Try and find out if they charge for drinks on the flight, if they accept cash things like that. Worth knowing and planning ahead for. 

Next time I'll be talking about my top travel tips for packing. 

What are you top travel tips?

Until next time.....

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