Monday, 21 July 2014

Stop. Rebrand.

Hi Gorgeous, 

Remember how I said at the start of July that I had exciting blog news? Well I'm going to share it now. Are you ready? Ok...

I'm Rebranding!!

That's right. I've been enjoying my blogging journey soooo much that I've decided to take it a bit more seriously and glitz stuff up a bit.

So what's the deal?

First of alll.. I'm bored of the name

1. lmgeorge isn't available on twitter. Boooo :-( 
2. Second of alll.... my blog title "Laura M George" is just a little dull, honeslty. Isn't it? Be honest. 

Soooo..... Soon enough this blog is becoming... *drum roll please*

Twentea Something!!!

Eeeek. I've been sat on this for a while. I'm totally excited about sharing now! 
The name reflects my age obviously andd my love of tea! 
What do you think?

So what else?
Well this is where it gets trickier:

Firstly, I want all new stuff: new blog template, logo, banner, a button etc. 
I am not AT ALL design savvy so I've been experimenting. Thanks to this awesome tutorial and also just this second managed to get my very talented friend to agree to help me out. Yey! 

I also want to transfer to self hosted soon but that's just a lot of confusion. can someone please teach me how to use Go Daddy? Too many options!! and it's also a money thing right now.

Then of course I'll be setting  up all new social media things. Including a facebook page for you to like. YEYYYY. 

I'm hoping none of this will disrupt any posts. But if it does, I apologise. 

So that's the news! And now I need your opinions please. 

What are your thoughts on the name?
Do you know where I can get design help?
Or a lovely new template?

Thank you, all my lovely readers for your support. 

Until next time... 

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