Thursday, 17 July 2014

Our Story

Hi Beauties

How are you? Happy Thursday!!! It's nearly the weekend.

Today's post is a different one. I write about Andy a lot in my blog and he's my most dedicated reader (and proof reader). So since he seems a permanent fixture I thought I'd write a little about our story.

December 21st 2013 I'm sat at home in Bournemouth we have family staying for the weekend and I'm fed up. I know the relationship I'm chasing is going nowhere and I decided I deserve a nice couple of dates. I'm genuinely not expecting anything just dinner and drinks.. being treated! So I signed back up to Plenty of Fish.

I'm unapologetic in my use of dating sites. I know they still have a bad reputation but I think you should do what works for you. If that's blind dates set up by friends, great. If that's waiting in bars, also great. If that's attending Christian summer festivals... maybeeeee reassess your priorities ;-). 

I also know Plenty of Fish (POF) hasn't got the best reputation especially in America. But having used three or four sites including a couple of Christian ones its actually been the one I've had the least weird, stalkerish, sex obsessed experiences with! 

So I signed back up, updated my profile and browsed. The odd messaged here and there. Then I stumbled across a rather attractive dark haired guy frowing into the mirror. His profile had his snapchat username on and a message about sending something over. (Please note whilst trying to write this post we tried to remember what it actually said because reading it back sounds a lot more smutty than it actually was!!!) 

So I dropped him a message: "Go on.. what's the best thing you've been sent on snap chat?" (I know... quite a line). 

At this point I'm getting to let Andy take over (with some editing from me!) and tell his version of events:

"Ok so may I just reaffirm the point about the non-smutty snapchat comment please?! Thanks!

In my mind, POF  had a bad reputation and so I had many many reservation about even signing up! My work mates decided they were bored with me being the one single person of the group (cheers guys) and was told I was being signed up to POF. I said no but they basically said I was going on and would I rather write my own profile or let them do it....I proceeded to write my significantly less creepy sounding profile (it wasn't creepy sounding was it Laura?) Anyway...after a quick look around the site to appease the work based love angels I pretty much stopped signing in at all. Now by no stretch of the imagination was I beating women's messages away with a stick but the few I did get just did not interest me (what a diva I sound!). Long story short I stopped logging on. One evening in December I was wrapping Christmas presents and half reading my emails on my phone, I meant to read the 'Secret Sales' email (good site FYI), but by mistake I swiped on the message from my now amazing, gorgeous girlfriend (I didn't edit this bit) and have never been happier! I have found someone I can be my crazy self with and be loved for it. So thank you secret sales, and you Laura! :-)"

and then we talked and talked. Two weeks of POF, whatsapp, hilarious phone calls from his work's Christmas do, texts, pictures and counting down. and our first date was January 3rd 2014.

I think by this point for me, and Andy has said the same, I had a very good feeling. Like, he'd have to be some kind of catfish (he doesn't have facebook so I couldn't stalk!!) for me to feel unsure about him. Thankfully he wasn't.

And the rest... so they say... is history.....

Until next time... 

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