Monday, 7 July 2014

Money Talks - W/B 7th July

Hello You!
You're looking great! How is your Monday going? 
I start my new job today and also healthy eating.
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I'm also starting a new weekly series about money. If you want an idea of why... check out my first money talks post. 

So here's the deal. I have just finished university and I've got a bittt of debt and starting employment I need to think about budgetting, paying off debts and hopefully getting some savings together. 

Here's the situation at the moment:

Debt: (approx)** 
£1800 credit card - This is the full amount if I maxed it out. I think it's actually at around £1600.
£1500 student account overdraft- again. This is the full amount. But I'd like to pay it off ASAP before they start charging me.  Also so I don't keep bouncing in and out.
£600 owed to mum- This is for my car insurance. My car failed it's MOT on Friday  and will cost A LOT to fix and we're selling it as a fail. So hopefully we'll get some of this money back. 

Total: £3900

**This debt doesn't include my student loan. I don't need to start paying this back yet. 

Balance (approx)
£43.61 Cash
£226.00 Natwest account (which puts overdraft at £-1274) 
£700 (approx) Nationwide account - This was set aside for my MOT and to put towards a room to rent. So trying to keep some in there still. 


Outgoings this week: 
Food: £15 
Entertainment: £10 
Travel: £10 (contributing towards petrol since I'll be borrowing Andy's car this month)
Other: £10 *

*I was given this great advice by Sam from Smart Twenties: 'The only advice I would have for you is to make sure that when you make your budget, make one that won't leave you feeling deprived!' So I've tried to do that as much as possible throughout my budget. 

Until tomorrow...
Do you budget? What are your budgeting tips?

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