Thursday, 3 July 2014

American Adventure- The Journey Home

Hi Beauties.

I am sooo jetlagged, it actually hurts. I also have an interview at 3.30 today which I'm excited for but nervous that I won't be at my best self. But you can only do what you can right? 

But I am HOMMMEE!!! Andy picked me up from the airport and I was gifted with this:

Yes cute right? A picnic hamper (eeek) with a letter for every day I was away (I actually knew about this because he's kind of bad at surprises), tea bags (boy knows me so well) and Benefit make up (I'd emailed him the link.. subtle!). He also gave me maltesers because that's what I missed in America and a bottle of diet coke.

So how was the journey?

Prettyyy good!

Kate dropped me off at Lexington Bluegrass airport around 4.30 and apart from being a bit spaced out answering the questions at check in I held it together until after my hand luggage had been checked and I was near my kate. and then I cried. I have had the best three weeks with Kate, that's not some whimsy, blogger "oh my gosh. I LOVE MY LIFE and yours is crap in comparison". I genuinely felt like I had such an adventure and the experience of a lifetime. Plus saying goodbye to your best friend knowing you probably won't see them for at least 13 months is really, really tough. But I recovered, bought a University of Kentucky T shirt and sat at my kate, utilising the free wifi and occasionally watching the TV.

The flight to Houston was 2 hours and was pretty smooth sailing. I read a short story that came free on my Nook (so inconsequential I'm not even going to look the title up) and started reading 'Pride and Prejudice' again. At risk of receiving absolute blogger/bookworm scorn.. I hated Pride and Prejudice when I read it at school. I thought it was really boring and uneventful. But I'm giving it another go. 

There was complimentary tea and coffee and because it was a domestic flight I had a seat next to the window on my own. The air stewards were very helpful and told us which gate our connecting flight was from. We landed a little early and then as we were stood waiting to get off I decided to strike up a conversation with the girl and her mum sat next to me. They were off to California, had recently visited England. All pretty normal. BUT as I was talking to the mum her daughter reached down, unzipped a bag and proceeded to point at what I thought was a large toy. Only then the toy started licking it's lips. NO friends. REAL LIFE DOG!! Super cute but also very unexpected. It had just been stowed under their seat the whole time. Mental.

So we arrived in Houston and I was stressed about my one hour layover. FUN FACT (and something I wish I'd known) if you fly within America they transfer your luggage for you. So I was running around like a headless chicken, exited the main airport to get my bag only to be told that it'd be on it's way to my connecting flight! I then had to go all the way through hand luggage check again (throwing away a mostly full large bottle of water in the process). I made it to my gate as they were boarding the group two in front of me. Stressful!

The aircraft was way more modern than the one I flew out on. The screens were all touch screens and controlled everything including calling a steward and your reading light. There was 250 movies to choose from as well as music, audio books, short TV programmes and games!! I pretty much knew then I wouldn't sleep. These screens were great until the guy behind me starting playing a game and violently pushed the back of my seat for several minutes. 

I sat next to a lovely girl call Jaimie who is in London for 4 weeks studying Shakespeare. She doesn't know many people so London friends I might be calling on you! She's also a diet coke addict. 

I watched "Saving Mr Banks" which was amazinggg and so interesting. Although the heads up about how sad it was, would have been nice. and dinner was served during this: side salad, vegan/veg curry and rice, bread roll and a lemon biscuit. The problem with opting for a special meal is they sometimes combine alll food exceptions. So whereas Jaimie got an amazing looking Butterscotch brownie I got a dry lemon biscuit. 

I tried to sleep intermittently but couldn't get comfortable so instead I listened to some music, watched a couple of episodes of Sex and the City and one episode of CSI and also a film called Single Mom's Club (name is self explanatory) which was really good! I seriously considered watching Frozen but I thought since there was 200 + more films to choose from that might take my obsession too far. I also played a trivia game and battleships. 

Despite not sleeping the flight felt pretty quick and about an hour before landing we had croissants and fruit. We landed half an hour early by which point I was just tooo excited to see Andy. I find the point after you land when you all stand up and wait to get off the most frustrating. This time it took about 20 minutes! They had told us they couldn't connect the tunnel so we'd be using steps and escorted to enter the airport. But then they told us they'd struggled to open the aircraft door (always reassuring). 

The walk through the airport took foreverrrrr. and I couldn't use the self scan passport machine! But finally I made it out to greet my man and go back to Chester!

The whole drive back I was tired, grumpy and not making a lot of sense. We stopped at a service station to get food but I was too tired to eat plus the food wasn't exactly appetising! 

We finally got back to Chester around 3 o'clock.. 18 and a half hours after I'd left Kate's house!

Until next time...

What's the best meal you ever received on a plane?
How do you combat jetlag? 

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  1. I combat jetlag by drinking all of the water and using all of the moisturiser, the richer the better!

  2. Excellent tip, thank you Claire!


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