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American Adventure- Highlights

Happy Fourth of July Y'all 

I am still jet lagged and working from 11.30 pm tonight. Bleugh.. I'm also nervously waiting for my results to come in from uni. EEEK.

But whilst I wait *refresh obsessively* I thought I'd recap some of the highlights of my American adventure that I didn't already talk about. I did an awful job at remembering to journal so I'm super thankful for my blog! Remember if you haven't caught up you can do so here.


America is famed for it's food and I can see why. I ate sooo well whilst I was away and only had one truly disappointing meal. Here are some of my highlights:

Saul Good, Lexington

The BEST portobello mushroom burger ever. In fact, we recreated it the night before I left (recipe post to follow). Friendly staff, lovely atmosphere (we sat outside) and just the best meal.


How did I only just eat here? We ate here twice in both Wilmington and Kentucky and I LOVE it. I only eat chicken (no other meat) so this was my dream and they served pickles (gherkins) in their burgers which makes me so happy. and Chick-fil-a sauce is the bessst. I bought some home in my suitcase. I wish we had one here!

Red Bang Bang

It took three attempts to go here! It's a Chinese restaurant where everything is $1 a scoop so you get a pretty decent meal for about $5. I had fried rice, stir fried vegetables, sesame chicken and crab Rangoon. Soooo yummy but super filling too!

Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea

Technically not a food but a drink. Have you had bubble tea? It's amazing. Like a tea smoothie (I had pina colada flavour) but with little bubbles of flavour in the bottom (like little edible pearls) and you can either have traditional tapioca or another flavour (I had mango) then you get given a thick straw so you drink the "tea" but also have the bubbles which pop in your mouth. Super yummy! I want to set one up in Chester!

The Weekly Juicery

Again, drink not food. We went here on my first day in Lexington. They sell yummy home made juices and smoothies which are super good for you. They also give you samples so you know you're going to like what you're buying. We had the "yellow polka dot bikini" which was grapefruit juice and a few other bits. It was yummy. Pretty expensive (although you get a dollar back for returning the bottle) so only went once but worth a visit. 


Spindletop Hall

This was the first pool we went to, Emily's parents have a membership (thanks Terry & Sherry). After all the festivities of the wedding it was nice to hang out by the pool, drink cocktails and eat a chicken burger! But as well as a pool there's also a super fancy house where they told weddings and functions. Obviously, by English standards it's not that old but it's still nearly 100 years old and so beautiful. They also had the best bathrooms, I wanted to stay for a bath! 


We didn't spend a lot of time in Horse County but did visit Kentucky's largest race track: Keeneland. It's set in a really beautiful area- lots of fields and white picket fences. It's also not far from the airport so worth a visit to/from the airport if you can't fit it in at another point.

Palace of Versailles

This was one of the best things ever. Recognise the name? Now say it how it's spelt: Ver-Sail-sssss? Yea,that's how they pronounce it! Genius! It was built by a man who wanted to gift his fiancée with something (so he built a castle for her, obviously!) and then she broke up with him (ouchhhh). Then it was left for ages, burnt down and then for no apparent reason it was rebuilt! Now it's a super fancy hotel! Hilarious! 

We also visited Woodford Reserve, a bourbon distillery you can read about there: here

Honestly, some of the time was just spent chilling at Kate's apartment with the dogs, watching Netflix or at her parents or with her friends and occasionally at another pool. We also went out a couple of nights but I couldn't tell you the names of the places! It was nice sometimes to just have downtime with my bestie! 

Until next time...

Where's the best place you visited whilst on holiday?

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