Tuesday, 1 July 2014

American Adventure- Bourbon Tasting


Today is my final day and I'm sad to leave and say goodbye to my best friend for probably 18 months but I'm also really excited to be back on home soil and start the next steps of my future! 

I also feel like I've had the full Kentucky experience: Visiting the First KFC (here), visiting Horse County (here) and yesterday.....Bourbon tasting!! 

We visited Woodford Reserve which is one of the eldest Bourbon distilleries and is in the most beautiful area, lots of fields and farmer county! The tour & tasting was $10 which is not bad at all hey?

I've never tried Bourbon or even Whisky. So I was a litttle nervous. 

But we got there, paid for our ticket and then browsed the gift shop (I particularly wanted to buy a bow tie with bourbon bottles printed on it) and then we were called by our guide, Maryanne. There was quite a few people on the tour, wayyy more than our wine tour (here). We all got given a media unit so we could listen to the tour and then we hopped on the bus... which took us... a 30 second journey down to where the Whisky is made.

There we saw the distillery process (it was hot as hell in there), - fun fact! Until the whisky goes in to the barrels it is clear!! We also learnt about ingredients, fermenting, stilling and then went on to look at barrelling and bottling. 

Another fun fact by the time the liquid gets to third copper stiller (the end one) it is at 150 proof. That is soo strong.

A couple of times some samples were passed round and you could tell straight away it was strong!! Then we got the bus back up (again this took 30 second.. it was a bit pointless) 

The barrels are hand stencilled by one person

Then the testing... we tasted two bourbons: The Distillers Select & the Double Oaked and also got given a bourbon ball which was like a truffle but not very strong at all.. suitable for children even! I actually really like the Distillers Select once we'd added some ice to it and it was watered down before that it was a littttleee strong (90.5 proof). But overall there was a nice caramel taste. (apparently there is like 27 tastes in total.. I managed 1 maybe 2!!) The bourbon ball was also soooo good. 

We ended our visit in the gift shop again. I bought a shot glass and some bourbon balls to take home with me (no bow tie). 

I had such a good time, even though it was crazyyyy hot (if you visit I totally recommend taking a bottle of water with you) and I learnt that I DO like Bourbon. So maybe I'll go for a Bourbon cocktail next time I order!

Until next time...

Have you tried Bourbon? What's your favourite tipple?

This is one of my last American Adventure post to get the full low down click here


  1. This looks like the most fun! I'm so jealous of your trip! ~ Claire x

    1. Thanks Lovely :-) your HUGE adventure soon xx


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