Monday, 2 June 2014

Money talks, Money talks

Hello Lovelies

I've been thinking about money a lot recently. I've made no secret on this blog that I don't have a lot of money, have struggled especially this year and I'm currently job hunting with frustratingly little success. 

When I return from America in July I don't think I'll have a permanent, full time job (at the time of writing this it looks pretty unlikely but I am praying and doing all I can - see my job hunt post here). I also know that the lease on my student house runs out in August. It's a not entirely comfortable position to be in. But I'm blessed to have a supportive family and boyfriend. 

Anyway I've read a few blog posts recently which talk about money, debt free living etc.

Two I read regularly are:

A Thrifty Mrs
Savvy Annie 

But I've also recently started reading

Mrs Financial Freedom
Smart Twenties

and it was Sam's post that inspired me to write this post.
You see part of her being smart is thinking and talking about money.

So where would I like to be financially within the next year?

I'd like to have paid my credit card off- I used to pay this off in full each month but I've relied on it a lot more this academic year and put my flights to America on it so I'd like to get it paid off and return to only using it for absolute emergencies. 

Be out of my overdraft- Ahhh my overdraft, the saviour of my student life! But I want it gone! and I want to be out of it enough that I don't keep dipping in to it again because whilst it doesn't charge me now it will be within the next month or so. eek. 

Have some savings- I wrote about this on my 25 before 25. I just want to be in a position where I've got financial back up for emergencies and also to have a bit put aside for nice things: travelling etc. 


I need to sort out budgetting. Whilst I haven't got a job and I'm relying solely on my income from my PT job (and hopefully a temporary job) I basically can't spend anything except on: phone bill, contact lenses, towards my credit card bill (all in all it adds up to quite a bit) AND if I'm running my car (because it gets me to work) then I need to factor in petrol!

But when I am earning a bit better I need to set a strict budget, allowing for paying back my credit bill and my mum (thanks, mummy!!) and stick. to it. My filofax has financial tracker pages in it I need to use these to note down every. little. purchase. 

and I'm going to be accountable to you, dear blog reader. I love Sam's honesty in her monthly blog posts about what she earned and what she spent. Perhaps it's because she's from Australia and they don't get caught up in the taboo of talking about money. But I think its necessary.

What are your money saving tips?

Until next time.... 

P.s points to you if you get the 1990s reference in my blog title. 


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Laura! They honestly mean so much to me and I'm glad that you find my monthly reports helpful!

    Unfortunately talking about money in Australia is still really taboo (and a lot of people think it's pretty inappropriate to share that stuff). But it really doesn't make sense not to talk about it - it has such a big impact on our lives!

    Your goals sound amazing! The only advice I would have for you is to make sure that when you make your budget, make one that won't leave you feeling deprived! I work in at least $50 a week for going out to breakfast with my friends or doing a bit of shopping because if I didn't I would have a crazy splurge and ruin the whole thing! Plus when you're making decisions from a place of lack instead of a place of abundance then you really don't make good decisions.

    Good luck!

    Sam xx

  2. Hi lovely,
    Thank you for your comment.
    It's funny that it's just a taboo subject everywhere. I think it's an excellent way to keep accountable about money and spending.

    Thank you for your budgetting tips. I'll definitely keep those in mind!

    Laura x


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