Sunday, 1 June 2014


Just a quick post because I want to continue my blogging every day journey!

I'm SO excited that it's June.
For one... the weather this weekend has been beautiful. We went to the races yesterday (more on that this week) and I caught the sun. Today I'm in a maxi dress and off to revise in the sunshine. I could not be more excited. I LOVE sunshine!! 

Also this week I finish uni forever (at least until I decide to retrain as a midwife) three years of essays, lectures, new friendships, placements, drinking, new experiences, Chester life and some serious hard work (and at times some not so hard work). By Wednesday at 4pm I'll be finished. (Fingers crossed I've pass everything) and I'm getting excited about the what next...

On Saturday we have a giant family party celebrating my cousin's 30th birthday and I also get to snuggle with my beautiful twin goddaughters (I'm godmum to one, Chloe is godmum to the other!) They're turning two this month and I haven't seen them in nearly a year. eeeek. 

And then the big one.. On Tuesday 10th I'm boarding a plane for three weeks with my best friend in America. It's been two years since I last saw her and I'm so excited for making memories with her and blogging our journey. 

June is a pretty exciting time. I'm nervous about finishing but excited about what comes next and trying desperately to give it all over to God.

When I left church this morning I spoke with my Vicar's wife, Anna. I was saying how nervous and in actuality scared I am about not having a job or a next step. Within 5 minutes I'd received a phone call for an interview offer. God is so good. 

So what about you friend, what is your June looking like?

Until tomorrow...


  1. Well done on finishing uni, it must feel quite refreshing to be moving on and starting a new chapter.
    I'm hoping that my June will be filled with spontaneous fun with family & friends.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Hope you have a lovely June :-) and thanks for stopping by my blog xxx


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