Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Blog Chat Tuesday- Dinner By Dad

Morning Lovelies.
How are we?

I am suffering today: bad nights sleep, I've caught Andy's cold and I have 4000 words to write today (al my pre reading and structure planning is done just gotta make them in to sentences!)

Do you like my motivational poster?

Anyway, enough of my moping. It's Blog Chat Tuesday which means I'm not even really writing this post. Hoorah.

Today I'm chatting with the wonderful Nick from Dinner by Dad. My new favourite parent blogger! Nick has only been blogging three weeks and he has taken to it like a natural (plus I mentioned this before but his baby is super cute!- check his blog for pictures!). 

Here's what he had to say:

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I'm a 25-year-old easy-going guy, daylighting as an SEO Manager then spending the rest of my time as a daddy. I'm an avid gym-goer (most lunch times) and love a good sit down in front of the TV when everything is done in the evening.

I live with my partner, Nikki... but we're currently looking to move house so we have a garden for little man to play in :)
2. Can you tell me a little bit about your blog? (i.e. whats it about, how did it get started etc?)

Dinner by Dad is all about my life as a father. I originally began the blog with the aim of posting about meals I had cooked as well as posts about family life. However, I've found that my real passion lies with posting about my son, Isaac and all the experiences I share with him. I'm sure I'll do some posting about meals as well - but expressing myself in the way I do right now really works for me; and makes me feel great when people say how much they like it.
3. What's your favourite thing about blogging?

Above everything else, the people. As I write this, I've only been blogging for two weeks or so, but I've already met (digitally) some amazing people (you included, Laura!). I can't wait to attend events and meet everyone properly. Blogging allows people to make real friends; people who will support you and stand by you when you need it the most; and I really value that.
4. What's your least favourite thing?

Hmm, I guess it's worrying what people will think about my writing. That's the first thing I worried about as a brand new blogger - but now I know that because I'm expressing my true self, those people who connect with it are the exact people I'm writing it for. As long as I'm happy and confident in what I write, I know that people will respect that.

Oh, another thing is that even when you've read your post 100 times over... there's still a mistake hidden in there somewhere!
5. If you could write any other type of blog what would it be?

I don't really know; Fatherhood is the one thing I'm really passionate about. I guess I could blog about me going from a gym-a-phobe into a daily user of the gym... that would be interesting (I think!). After Isaac was born, I didn't really do any exercise for the first 6 months of his life - long working hours and late nights just didn't allow it to work. Now, however, I'm getting my fitness back and feel great!
6. Do you have any blogs that you'd recommend?

I'm still pretty new to the whole thing, but I've quite enjoyed reading:

And yours, of course :) 

I'm still in the process of reading loads of blogs at the moment to meet more people, so I'm guessing my overall list would be huge!

7. What three things would you say to wannabe bloggers?
Just. Do. It.

(Sorry, had to!)

Seriously though, I would say:

1.Don't be afraid to get started; the only thing holding you back from a whole community of great people is yourself.

2. Pick something you love and write about that. Write from the heart and only the heart - if you get a little emotional when you write (even just a few smiles...), then you're doing it right.

3. Be realistic and don't go at it too heavy. Post once or twice a week to start with until you know you can write more regularly. You wouldn't want to exhaust your ideas straight away!

8. Anything else you'd like to add.

Yes...! A huge thank you, Laura, for inviting me to take part in Blog chat Tuesday... and thank you for welcoming me into the blogging community with open arms; a star :)

Thank you Nick for joining today. Also, Nick is currently at Centre Parc's at the moment (yeaa.. I'm not the least bit jealous!) so I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

If you would like to feature in Blog Chat Tuesday please feel free to comment below or drop me a tweet (@lmgeorge92)

Until tomorrow....

P.s. you may have noticed some ad's on the side of my blog. Feel free to click on any that interest you. 


  1. Hahaha your motivational list kills me! Wine is the ultimate reward- good luck!


    1. Thank you :-) turned out I only needed to write 3000 words. I didn't quite manage it, a bit more work to do tomorrow but decided I'd earned a glass of wine!


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