Wednesday, 25 June 2014

American Adventure- Wilmington- The Highlights.

Hi Beauties
(A special shout out to Emily who says i'm "precious" online and in real life) 
Hope you're doing well.
So we left Wilmington yesterday and I decided to write about my highlights of the trip.

Wrightsville Beach

This was the first beach we visited the day after we got to Wilmington. It was sooo beautiful. Like a little bit of paradise. The sea was perfect for swimming in (although a little rough at times) and it wasn't too busy at all! The sand was a little grainy and neither me nor Kate are lying out all day kind of people so we only spent 2 hours at a time there!
We also went down one evening which was stunning and wandered around the board walk and the harbour near by. Oh my gosh. I wanted to use my British accent to get us a ride on a yacht. and we paddled, because I have a never ending desire to paddle in the sea. I forgot how much of a water baby I am until I get in the sea. 
and the housessss... we found out towards the end of the week that someone could have got us one for free to stay in. Slightly devastated that we didn't. Next time!!! 

Carolina Beach

Again. So pretty. We were warned it was a "red neck" beach and we weren't disappointed! I got  a good experience of red necks! But again, paradise! The sea was reallyyyy rough on Saturday we went down. Both of us got taken down by the sea. 

Beach Selfie

Carolina Beach Amusements

On the first night we went down to have a wander around. We parked up near the "Bucaneer Motel" and the "Gourmet Sushi Bar" (except the E in Gourmet wasn't lit up.. get the idea of the area??) but decided to get a go on some of the rides. Only when we were on the one pictured below did we consider HOW HIGH it was going to go! Not just that but it kind of creaked and suspended us in the air for a while... But we did get a good view from the top and lived to tell the tale!! 

Britt's Doughnuts

So I'm told this is like theeeee place to visit if you come to Wilmington. It was voted the second best independent doughnut place in the USA so you know it's good. We were very lucky to be treated by Emily (a friend of a friend) to two doughnuts each. They were SO yummy. and you watch them being freshly made. Also you can buy up to 12 dozen.. which is mental! 

Wilmington Tea Rooms

THIS WAS ADORABLE! Their tag line was "tea by the sea" so we got to look out over the River Walk and drink tea, eat cake and teeny tiny sandwiches. I discovered marble rye bread which is just so yummy. and got to drink tea almost similar to being back home! There was loose leaf tea and tea pots and cute little cups. They kept their tea pots warm on little candle holders, clever. I'm also loving these tea timers. I want one! It was all so quaint. We went back the next day and the service wasn't as good but the food was lovely!!

Gems 4 U

This was amazing. We were wandering around on our self guided tour and this lady came up to us and gave us a card for a free pair of earrings, no catch! So we went down this tiny little covered alley between two shops (Reel cafe & Java coffee for those visiting) and got to pick a pair of $10 earrings. Because it was so nice and cool in there we stayed in there and the lady who makes all the jewellery (her mom makes the necklaces) just kept chatting away to us, she was the sweetest! We both bought a necklace (pick a charm and then they thread it for you) and she told us about meeting Sophia Bush (Brooke from OTH- I'm so envious) and her mom told us she'd seen Chad Michael Murray in a restaurant once and he had a huge head in real life, hilarious. As we left she gave us a gem stone each which is meant to bring good luck for travels. If you get the chance to visit Wilmington, definitely go in and see Mary, she's adorable!

I had the best time in Wilmington, I am completely in love with the area and hope to go back one day. Honestly, I could live there. If you get the chance to visit North Carolina I fully recommend Wilmington. 

Until next time.... 


  1. Ohhhmannnn, I'm so glad you're having such a great time. All these things look brilliant, especially seeing emily and going to the beach :) x

    1. Thanks lovely. Thank you for introducing me to Emily she was great! xx


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