Monday, 16 June 2014

American Adventure- A Wedding & All That Comes With it.

Hi Beauties
Hope you're well and having a happy Monday.
I have now been in America for 6 days (mmm more like 5 by the time I didn't land til early Wednesday morning) but it has been a whirlwind. 

Here's a run down:


We got our nails done in preparation for the wedding. My fluke I got the Diet Coke colour from OPIs new Coca Cola collection. It's a beautiful sparkly silver the exact colour that my favourite drink comes in.

Then the wedding festivities really began. A big BBQ with lots of Kate's family - cousins, aunties, uncles, family friends, and of course the groom himself (Kate's brother). Thankfully I was mostly over jet lag so ready for all the questions: "is this your first visit to the states?" "where in England are you from?" (not many people had heard of Chester!) "how long are you staying for?" But they were all so lovely .. which was good because I knew I'd be seeing a lot of them!

We went to Kate's friends leaving party after, albeit briefly. One of her friends decided I was Princess Kate. 


Friday was the bridal luncheon, which I wasn't technically supposed to go to. Oops. But it was a tea party, who can't invited the British girl?? I got to meet the bride, Susie and her bridesmaids. 

Then the rehearsal dinner .. an American tradition which I quite like. Lots of people in one room and a ton of Chinese food. Like, they just kept bringing more and more food! There were eight entrées in total and it was so good. Even the slightly odd dessert which was presented on shredded lettuce!!


Saturday was wedding day. Unlike in England, people in America can get married in the evening so the ceremony wasn't until 6.30. Saturday was such a beautiful day for a wedding: hot and sunny. Kate, as a bridesmaid, had to be there before to get all the photos done so I went down, armed with my wedding planning brain and helped out with table decorations and centre pieces. The Bride, Susie is my kind of bride! She had photographs of how she wanted each centre piece to look and had everything labelled ready to go, even the black stones for the long glass vases were measured out and packaged up. Totally impressive.

The ceremony was beautiful and it was so interesting to see all the differences between America and British weddings. For example, they have a family procession beforehand where the parents and grandparents (minus the Father of the Bride, obviously) walk down the aisle to their seats. I love that. I think that since they've all played an equal part then it seems unfair that only the father gets all eyes on him! 

Kris had eight Grooms men + two ushers! and Susie had eight beautiful bridesmaids. They had a colour scheme of black and white which looks super classy. 
The ceremony and receptions were at the same place with a really short walk in between. I know I helped decorate but the reception venue did look beautiful, all the little details: signs on the bride and groom's chair, photos of their parents and grandparent's weddings, a tiny chalkboard menu. All adorable.

The photos afterwards took a while and I realised I hadn't eaten since Saturday so by the time dinner was served I was ravenous. Luckily, the food was amazing: salad (with a raspberry vinigerette dressing. so good!), rolls, chicken, corn, vegetables. Mmm. I was gutted there wasn't seconds! 

I also managed to use my British accent to charm a cup of tea.  A waiter brought round Coffee and I asked, ever so sweetly: "Could I have hot tea please? I'm British!". I think I dazzled him a little! But he told me my accent was wonderful and then came back, with another waiter: a whole caddy of tea for my to chose from a my own personal jug of hot water, adorable! 

Then there were speeches,and the cutting of the cake and finally the first dance. Kris & Susie looked so in love the whole day, and even though I don't know them the first dance made me well up. We all joined the dance floor for ChaCha Slide (American's do this differently) and another song where you follow instructions: the Cupid Shuffle. 

There was a beautiful sparkler send off (hugeeee sparklers) which looked amazing, but was a little scary!! 


The final social event. By this point we were both exhausted and ready for an introvert day. But brunch at Keeneland (a large race track in Kentucky) was great. A proper taste of American food: biscuits and gravy. Then we spent the rest of the day napping and sunbathing by the pool, drinking cocktails. Idyllic. 

In all seriousness, exhausting and intense as the past few days have been I have loved meeting Kate's extended family, I feel like a Gorton-Brown now! I also feel honoured to have been invited to Kris and Susie's wedding day. 

Tomorrow we're off on our road trip to North Carolina so we're preparing for that. and I'll be sure to blog all about that soon.

Until next time... 


  1. Looks like you're having an ace time :) bet an evening ceremony is actually quite nice too - certainly makes a change from over here. Have fun on your road trip tomorrow :) - SO JEALOUS!!! x

    1. Thanks Nick, I am!! :-) Yeaa it was beautiful and meant there was lots of time to get ready! Thank you!! :-)


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