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American Adventure- There's only One Tree Hill- The TOUR!

Hello :-)
This is my 100th blog post and conveniently it's also one I'm super excited about!!
Nowwww for those of you who've read my blog before you'll know I'm a BIG, HUGE, CRAZY One Tree Hill fan. So when we were planning our American road trip and I found out Wilmington, where it was filmed, was a doable distance I asked Kate if we could go. She's watched one episode (the day after I arrived in America) and isn't a fan but being the good friend she is, and upon realising there's some kick ass beaches near by. She agreed.

I tried to be patient and wait until today for finding all the places. But a couple of them just jumped right out when we wandered around Downton Wilmington yesterday. 

So I used all sorts of sources if you'd like to replicate my tour: herehere and here because a lot of the addresses are listed at least once in those links I probably won't list them all here but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

So yesterday I found Karen's cafe on the Corner of Front & Grace St just like they say in the series. People who have visited previously have said it's an empty shop front with a note from WBs but I guess the show has been finished for a while now and the shop is being sold on.

I also got a really pretty print of a painting of it when it was still done up for filming. 

I also found "the Black Cat Shop" which was used as the record store during filming. They now sell official OTH merchandise. So today when I went back I got a Keith Scott Auto Shop hoodie (yes me, Lucas and Jamie now share the same hoodie ;-)) and a Clothes Over Bros T-Shirt I don't even care that I don't have a lot of money for the rest of my trip! They also have some signed photos of the cast in the shop. Fan girl moment. Oh and I got a free (not OTH) tote bag. Win! 

We also walked along the river walk famous for the Burning boat festival, Nathan & Haley's first date and the river court (which was opposite, I believe, but has since been torn down!!). Also along the river walk is steps of the Alton Lennor Federal Courthouse- these were used for the filming of a college party Brooke & Peyton crash. 

Then we did some driving around based on my map and list of streets.

Two wedding venues:
St James' Church- Where Keith & Jules were meant to marry (Spoilers! sorry)
and Grace Methodist- Where Julian & Brooke DO marry & Lucas and Lindsey don't (again, spoilers. sorry!) 

and the intersection where Keith and Lucas crash in season 1 (is that a morbid thing to photograph??) A lot of the photos were taken from the car because it was a lot easier than parking. 

The next ones took a little more driving, Five houses:

Peyton's :  (and here is an interesting blog from the guy who lives there!)

Hayley's (next door to Peyton's.. though not in the series)

Lucas and Karen's (these began to take a little more driving as they were further out. Thanks google maps *and also Kate for her driving skills*) 

Felix and Anna's (in the nicest area ever!!)

and finally Brooke's (by this point I could hardly breath) Of all the character's Brooke is the one I relate to the most & also Sophia Bush who plays her is just SO lovely (backed up by a girl at the Jewellery store we went to who said the same). The door it still red (the girl behind the red door) and the house is just sooo beautiful!

Finally, we visited Keith's Auto shop which was pretty difficult to find because there were no house numbers, there was loads of traffic and two auto shops opposite each other so the pictures were taken a little hastily!

So there you go my whistlestop tour of my favourite One Tree Hill locations! There's obviously loads more but I went with the ones I most wanted to see and then ones that were nearby! It was such a wonderful day, if a little surreal.

Thank you to Kate for driving and humouring me! and thank you to you, dear reader, if you're not a One Tree Hill fan, for putting up with my fan girling!! I feel very lucky to have seen parts of my favourite show in real life. Now I just want to watch all the episodes. All again! 

Until next time...

What's your favourite show? 

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