Thursday, 19 June 2014

American Adventure- Road TRIPPPP

Hi Beauties
What time is it there? How's the weather?
Yesterday we embarked on our road trip from Lexington, Kentucky to Wilmington, North Carolina. The reason for our destination is two fold:

1) There is a beach and it's probably one of the closest to Lexington
2) It's where One Tree Hill was filmed *fangirls*

So we left the house just before 9am and arrived at where we're staying at 11.15pm. 
Kudos to Kate for driving! We listened to an audio book of "The Fault in Our Stars". I feel like we're only just jumping on this bandwagon. It's beautiful! and like 6 hours long which was ideal!! Although towards the end we were kind of sick of the narrators voice, so we're definitely going to have to read it too! Any audio book recommendations for the drive back?

Obviously, we made stops!

First stop... Corbin, Kentucky.

This gave me a chance to see Kate's roots and catch up with her grandparents who are just the sweetest and made me miss my own lovely grandpa, grandma & nan! 
Historic landmark? THE FIRST EVER KFC!!! Actually, Kate's great grandpa was an attorney for Colonel Sanders. Fact.

Not only was this a KFC but it was also a museum. I also don't eat KFC at home so I'm pretty sure it was my second ever KFC. I ordered the famous bowl which is: fried chicken, gravy, mash potato & corn (all my favourite things) served with a biscuit. I love American biscuits (kind of like scones) It was good. And Kate's sweet Grandpa paid. 

Then we looked round, got our photo taken with the man himself. Did you know he placed his first KFC on the fork between two major roads so that people travelling to/from big destinations would stop and could check in, eat and sleep. Good business sense.

Kate's grandpa didn't really want us to go (in fact he suggested we spend the next 6 days of our trip in Corbin) so he "showed us the sights" which were basically the schools Kate's mom went to and a root beet stand! Needless to say Corbin is prettyyyy small!

Next stop... Asheville, North Carolina 

Hello hipster town!! This marked the halfway point of our journey. and the longest I've been in a a car for a while. We wandered around, browsed some shops (think fair trade, pretty things made out of magazines and ... hemp or something!), visited Wonderland tobacconists, lusted over everything at Urban Outfitters (ended up buying cute shoes and a couple of presents in the sale) and got some lunch at Farm Burger. I had sweet potato fries (Did I mention I love sweet potato? Look I wrote about them here), Kate had a salad.. some drunk, beardy guy rambled at us. It was sweet.

and then we only really stopped for gas (petrol to my British friends) and a toilet break. We sailed through South Carolina- who I vote have the prettiest number plates and some breathtaking views. 

I'm a big fan of the British places names throughout: London, Kentucky for example. 
Also North & South Carolina just have the best views... and I continue to be astounded today by how pretty it is.

We reached our destination, very tired and not very chatty at 11.15. We're staying at a place found through Airbnb with a couple and their cat. They're lovely but we beelined for bed. 

In all though, the drive was so worth it! and I'm excited for our 5 days in Wilmington. 

Until next time...

What's the furthest you've ever driven?
Any recommendations for Wilmington, NC?
A Harvest of Blessing


  1. I love asheville! Such a great art community! Did you go to the Biltmore? I hope you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Hi Caroline, Asheville was great! We didn't go to Biltmore.. Kate has been previously and said it's beautiful but you need at least a day to enjoy it. maybe another time! Thank you :-)


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