Saturday, 21 June 2014

American Adventure- A Friday night in North Carolina

Ok. I absolutely want to tell you alll I've been doing since we arrived in Wilmington and I will, I promise.
But I might burst if I don't tell you all about the amazing night we had tonight. 
I wanted sea food (ok, I wanted Red Lobster) when I visited America and Kate assured me the closer we got to the coast the better it would be.

So when I was googling places to visit in Wilmington yesterday I stumbled upon the "Shuckin' Shack" which despite it's cheesey name has been rated in the top 22 seafood dives by Coastal Living... so you know it's good!!

They have two locations so we visited the one in Downton Wilmington (which by the way is becoming my most favourite place and if the American Visa people would like to make it easy I'd quite like to live here!) 

So we go in and it's tiny inside but they find us a table straight away and there's a really chilled vibe .. we order water because we're rock and roll. and then get down to some serious decision making. The menus are cardboard from a beer box which is kind of cool.

The prices are based on "market prices" which is a little confusing. 

Eventually we decided upon the Steamed Sampler because.. we couldn't decide exactly what we wanted so for $21 we got three items: 1/2lb crab legs,1/2 lb shrimp and  1 dozen mussels. and because this didn't seem like enough food we also ordered corn on the cob and fries. 

My word. When it arrived... well, it's a good job we were sat at a table and not the bar. So. Much. Food. 

It took the majority of the second half of Ecuador VS Honduras (look, cultural reference...) to demolish it and there were some fries left. 

It was all sooo good. The fries were beautifully seasoned (although I did dip them in hot sauce too), the corn on the cob was juicy and came with loads of butter sauce. The mussels tasted like the sea, the prawns was citrusy and the CRAB. I've never had crab before, WHYY have I never had crab before? It was sooo good (if a little like a puzzle to eat it). I need to find somewhere at home that serves Crab because I think I might be an addict. 

and honestly, we were both full but not straining. The perfect amount of food and all for about $30. Not too shabby.

We weren't sure about their cocktails (which include fish) so we decided to go find somewhere else for a drink.

The Reel Cafe wasn't far off (although we accidentally went the round about way) and has a roof top bar. So we enjoyed a nice drink overlooking the river. It was really quiet up there so we got excellent seats. This was actually our first alcoholic drink of the holiday. Because it's SO hot we've been living off water. 

Now we're back home, there's a storm brewing very slowly outside... but hopefully it'll blow over by tomorrow because I'm in full One Tree Hill tour mode! 

Until next time...

Have you ever had crab? 


  1. This looks incredible! I love seafood and those fries look so delicious :)
    - C
    Claudine Converses

    1. Oh my gosh, Claudine. It was soooo good. I was gutted I couldn't fit those last fries in. We've been craving it again all day.


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