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American Adventure- Beyoncé & Jay-Z On the Run.

Morning Beauties
What time is it there?

Today we are recovering: I have woken up with a sore throat, back ache and painful feet. Why? Because yesterday we went to see Beyoncé and Jay Z!!!!! 

This also marked my 7th state visited (although actually the more I think about it it was my 10th depending on what counts) because it was at The Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio (which is very much of the state border). 

It was a day of laughter, rain, confusion, singing, screaming, dancing, making new friends and low phone battery. Because of this I apologise in advance for my few good pictures. Some people seemed to be getting the most amazing photos (off the screen) but my phone wouldn't play ball. 

So we (myself, Kate and her friend Jonathan) decided to leave for Cincinnati around noon to explore the city a bit and then get to the stadium early as we had field tickets so we figured we'd be standing and wanted an excellent spot. 

Turned out pretty quickly we had no idea what to do in Cincinnati so apart from sit in a Panera for about 40 minutes drinking bottled water and using free Wifi we mostly sat outside the stadium. Actually, I just undervalued our time in Panera it was a time of many personal jokes from the day (of which there are numerous). Because here's the drama with our tickets: when Kate booked them she was only able to book 1 at a time!! So she managed to secure 2 and Jonathan got 1 only to realise we had different field numbers on all of them. She rung Great American Ball Park and Ticketmaster who both said these were standing tickets (this becomes important later), the field would be divided "under strict control" and.. this is my favourite "there is nothing we can" (cue the beep of a heart monitor). Anyway, we figured if we got there early enough we could use my British charm to win them over or just sneak in (seriously, keep this all in mind). But we sat in Panera and listed all the ridiculous ways the sections would be "under strict control": tazers, barbed wire, rottweilers etc. 

Then to add to our day of hilarity whilst sat outside the stadium one of the bag check/metal detector people obviously decided to go on a power trip and tell me and many other hyped up girls that their purses (bags) were tooo big!! Now please see a photo of my  bag below. The concept of it being "too big" is a little ridiculous. She kept saying it was stadium policy and they have a box which they'll be checking them in (like at the airport when you check your hand luggage only smaller) and if it didn't fit we weren't allowed it in and I should go return my bag to the car now. Utterly ridiculous. Finally someone more senior said mine was fine. As it happens the box probably could have fitted 6 lots of my bag! 

We also ate a Jimmy Johns, which is uneventful apart from that is the point when it started chucking it down! I'm talking soaked to the skin, everything was drenched, would not stop raining, dripping wet! and because we were determined we needed to be at the front of the queue we stood it out even for the extra 30 mins after they said gates would open.

I woke up like this

and here's where what I said before matters... we got in to the stadium, looked at the field and it was covered in sections of... chairs!!! So we had been told by two companies it was standing tickets, we'd got to Cincinnati crazy early to secure good places, we'd got soaked to the skin only to find.. we didn't need to! So we checked our ticket numbers again (we were told by Ticketmaster these numbers were only for keeping track of sales) and found our seats. By pure chance Kate gave me the better ticket: section 8 (right behind the VIP, crazy money sections), Row C and right in the middle of the row. Unfortunately, hers was not as good. So all three of us sat near my seat until around 9 (the concert was supposed to start at 8) and then they both went to where Jonathan's seat was, and Kate just squeezed in! As it happened I had a whole empty row in front of me, which actually came in useful later.

and then... at 9.30... the show started!!! I went to see Beyoncé in London last year and still struggle to put in to words how incredible it was. Oh, I forgot to mention I adore Beyoncé I named my car after her, she is the ultimate in girl crush!

But yet again this was something else, the set list according to one source was 45 songs, which I could believe: incredible costumes, constant windswept/fan assisted hair flying, amazing singing, the most beautiful choreography (I think if I could dance like Beyoncé and did it as much as she did I'd be crazy fit and skinny! So. Much. Energy.) and the theme of "on the run" bandits all the way through. Until the very end...  (more on that at the end)

and of course Jay Z (though I'm pretty sure most people came specifically for Beyoncé, sorry Jay!) .. I didn't think I knew many Jay Z songs but turns out I knew quite a few and the rest I just blagged! and actually, I loved him! and think Beyoncé the car will be treated to some Jay Z very soon! He is an outstanding performer and rapper. 

The transitions between songs were so smooth some solos, some duets and a mix of new stuff (from Beyoncé's XO album) and some older stuff: 99 problems, Crazy in Love etc. The one problem? Irreplaceable, my all time favourite Beyoncé song didn't feature. But that's a tiny complaint.. I saw it performed in London and sobbed!

OH! and halfway through a fight broke out right behind me between a guy and a girl who didn't know each other. Something to do with him standing on a chair whilst the performance was in the middle stage (I'll admit this got really annoying) and then it kicked off from there: screaming, pushing, some kind of dance battle, more screaming, the girls he was with crying, walking out. It was mad! Thankfully at this point, the girls who'd sat next to me had moved forward to the row in front of me and so they pulled my forward just as my chair got shoved forward and would probably have taken me out. Honestly, it was just a small blemish on the day.. it was more a funny story to tell Kate later. 

*Spoiler alert* So the theme of "on the Run" and bandits featured throughout as well as the theme "this is not real life!" .. which I know for some people has caused a controversy saying that Beyoncé is not a role model for condoning violence/being a criminal. But then the ending happened: a "home video" compiling their wedding, clips just after Blue's birth, family holidays etc. all sung to Halo/Forever Young (totally emotional) and a message in the sand: "The Carters" with "THIS IS REAL LIFE" over the top, adorable! 

Honestly, so worth being in pain today, getting soaked yesterday, the works. Beyoncé and Jay Z are a power couple but they are also crazily in love (pun intended), it's obvious he adores her from the way he looks at her and she is obviously so in love with him. Also they are so professional, hard working and talented and whilst I don't want to start a debate those seem like pretty good attributes for role models, no? 

Until next time...

What's the best concert you ever went to?

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