Monday, 30 June 2014

American Adventure- Things America Does Differently

Hi Beauties

So I have just two days left in America.. my flight is 6pm tomorrow night! Wahhhh. 
In the past 3 weeks I've noticed a few different things when I compare America to England, this is not to say one option is better than the other! They're just observations:

Sunday, 29 June 2014

American Adventure- Beyoncé & Jay-Z On the Run.

Morning Beauties
What time is it there?

Today we are recovering: I have woken up with a sore throat, back ache and painful feet. Why? Because yesterday we went to see Beyoncé and Jay Z!!!!! 

This also marked my 7th state visited (although actually the more I think about it it was my 10th depending on what counts) because it was at The Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio (which is very much of the state border). 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

American Adventure- Our AirBnB Experience

Hello Beauties
Happy Saturday.
Today we're off to see Beyonce in Cincinnati. EEEK
But I thought first I'd fill you in on the last aspect of our Wilmington trip. 

Remember when I got crazy excited about Air BnB? If not read it here.
Well, for those of you who don't know. Air BnB is a website which advertises people's houses/rooms/gypsy caravans for people to stay in and more than often it works out cheaper than a hotel. 

Since Kate introduced me to it I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on their app "pinning" dream venues for staycations and far flung adventures! 

So whilst in Wilmington we stayed: here.  

Thursday, 26 June 2014

American Adventure- World Records & Wine

So on Monday, after 5 full days in Wilmington we headed back to Lexington. 
This post might be quite short. The very first bit of the trip was brilliant, after that it got a little tough and not that much fun!

So we tried to follow a route but something went wrong but we somehow, by magic ended up on the right interstate which we needed to be on for 181 miles. 

However, about 45 mins into our drive we saw billboards for free vineyard tour and tasting and well it's a road trip so you don't need an excuse to pull off randomly and visit somewhere cool?

So we ended up in Rose Hill, North Carolina, A tiny little town which is actually famous for.... wait for it...

The World's Largest Frying Pan!!!!!!! 

But we'll get back to that.

First: the wine tour.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

American Adventure- Wilmington- The Highlights.

Hi Beauties
(A special shout out to Emily who says i'm "precious" online and in real life) 
Hope you're doing well.
So we left Wilmington yesterday and I decided to write about my highlights of the trip.

Wrightsville Beach

This was the first beach we visited the day after we got to Wilmington. It was sooo beautiful. Like a little bit of paradise. The sea was perfect for swimming in (although a little rough at times) and it wasn't too busy at all! The sand was a little grainy and neither me nor Kate are lying out all day kind of people so we only spent 2 hours at a time there!
We also went down one evening which was stunning and wandered around the board walk and the harbour near by. Oh my gosh. I wanted to use my British accent to get us a ride on a yacht. and we paddled, because I have a never ending desire to paddle in the sea. I forgot how much of a water baby I am until I get in the sea. 
and the housessss... we found out towards the end of the week that someone could have got us one for free to stay in. Slightly devastated that we didn't. Next time!!! 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

American Adventure- There's only One Tree Hill- The TOUR!

Hello :-)
This is my 100th blog post and conveniently it's also one I'm super excited about!!
Nowwww for those of you who've read my blog before you'll know I'm a BIG, HUGE, CRAZY One Tree Hill fan. So when we were planning our American road trip and I found out Wilmington, where it was filmed, was a doable distance I asked Kate if we could go. She's watched one episode (the day after I arrived in America) and isn't a fan but being the good friend she is, and upon realising there's some kick ass beaches near by. She agreed.

I tried to be patient and wait until today for finding all the places. But a couple of them just jumped right out when we wandered around Downton Wilmington yesterday. 

So I used all sorts of sources if you'd like to replicate my tour: herehere and here because a lot of the addresses are listed at least once in those links I probably won't list them all here but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

So yesterday I found Karen's cafe on the Corner of Front & Grace St just like they say in the series. People who have visited previously have said it's an empty shop front with a note from WBs but I guess the show has been finished for a while now and the shop is being sold on.

I also got a really pretty print of a painting of it when it was still done up for filming. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

American Adventure- A Friday night in North Carolina

Ok. I absolutely want to tell you alll I've been doing since we arrived in Wilmington and I will, I promise.
But I might burst if I don't tell you all about the amazing night we had tonight. 
I wanted sea food (ok, I wanted Red Lobster) when I visited America and Kate assured me the closer we got to the coast the better it would be.

So when I was googling places to visit in Wilmington yesterday I stumbled upon the "Shuckin' Shack" which despite it's cheesey name has been rated in the top 22 seafood dives by Coastal Living... so you know it's good!!

They have two locations so we visited the one in Downton Wilmington (which by the way is becoming my most favourite place and if the American Visa people would like to make it easy I'd quite like to live here!) 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

American Adventure- Road TRIPPPP

Hi Beauties
What time is it there? How's the weather?
Yesterday we embarked on our road trip from Lexington, Kentucky to Wilmington, North Carolina. The reason for our destination is two fold:

1) There is a beach and it's probably one of the closest to Lexington
2) It's where One Tree Hill was filmed *fangirls*

So we left the house just before 9am and arrived at where we're staying at 11.15pm. 
Kudos to Kate for driving! We listened to an audio book of "The Fault in Our Stars". I feel like we're only just jumping on this bandwagon. It's beautiful! and like 6 hours long which was ideal!! Although towards the end we were kind of sick of the narrators voice, so we're definitely going to have to read it too! Any audio book recommendations for the drive back?

Obviously, we made stops!

First stop... Corbin, Kentucky.

This gave me a chance to see Kate's roots and catch up with her grandparents who are just the sweetest and made me miss my own lovely grandpa, grandma & nan! 
Historic landmark? THE FIRST EVER KFC!!! Actually, Kate's great grandpa was an attorney for Colonel Sanders. Fact.

Not only was this a KFC but it was also a museum. I also don't eat KFC at home so I'm pretty sure it was my second ever KFC. I ordered the famous bowl which is: fried chicken, gravy, mash potato & corn (all my favourite things) served with a biscuit. I love American biscuits (kind of like scones) It was good. And Kate's sweet Grandpa paid. 

Then we looked round, got our photo taken with the man himself. Did you know he placed his first KFC on the fork between two major roads so that people travelling to/from big destinations would stop and could check in, eat and sleep. Good business sense.

Kate's grandpa didn't really want us to go (in fact he suggested we spend the next 6 days of our trip in Corbin) so he "showed us the sights" which were basically the schools Kate's mom went to and a root beet stand! Needless to say Corbin is prettyyyy small!

Next stop... Asheville, North Carolina 

Hello hipster town!! This marked the halfway point of our journey. and the longest I've been in a a car for a while. We wandered around, browsed some shops (think fair trade, pretty things made out of magazines and ... hemp or something!), visited Wonderland tobacconists, lusted over everything at Urban Outfitters (ended up buying cute shoes and a couple of presents in the sale) and got some lunch at Farm Burger. I had sweet potato fries (Did I mention I love sweet potato? Look I wrote about them here), Kate had a salad.. some drunk, beardy guy rambled at us. It was sweet.

and then we only really stopped for gas (petrol to my British friends) and a toilet break. We sailed through South Carolina- who I vote have the prettiest number plates and some breathtaking views. 

I'm a big fan of the British places names throughout: London, Kentucky for example. 
Also North & South Carolina just have the best views... and I continue to be astounded today by how pretty it is.

We reached our destination, very tired and not very chatty at 11.15. We're staying at a place found through Airbnb with a couple and their cat. They're lovely but we beelined for bed. 

In all though, the drive was so worth it! and I'm excited for our 5 days in Wilmington. 

Until next time...

What's the furthest you've ever driven?
Any recommendations for Wilmington, NC?
A Harvest of Blessing

Monday, 16 June 2014

American Adventure- A Wedding & All That Comes With it.

Hi Beauties
Hope you're well and having a happy Monday.
I have now been in America for 6 days (mmm more like 5 by the time I didn't land til early Wednesday morning) but it has been a whirlwind. 

Here's a run down:


We got our nails done in preparation for the wedding. My fluke I got the Diet Coke colour from OPIs new Coca Cola collection. It's a beautiful sparkly silver the exact colour that my favourite drink comes in.

Then the wedding festivities really began. A big BBQ with lots of Kate's family - cousins, aunties, uncles, family friends, and of course the groom himself (Kate's brother). Thankfully I was mostly over jet lag so ready for all the questions: "is this your first visit to the states?" "where in England are you from?" (not many people had heard of Chester!) "how long are you staying for?" But they were all so lovely .. which was good because I knew I'd be seeing a lot of them!

We went to Kate's friends leaving party after, albeit briefly. One of her friends decided I was Princess Kate. 


Friday was the bridal luncheon, which I wasn't technically supposed to go to. Oops. But it was a tea party, who can't invited the British girl?? I got to meet the bride, Susie and her bridesmaids. 

Then the rehearsal dinner .. an American tradition which I quite like. Lots of people in one room and a ton of Chinese food. Like, they just kept bringing more and more food! There were eight entrées in total and it was so good. Even the slightly odd dessert which was presented on shredded lettuce!!


Saturday was wedding day. Unlike in England, people in America can get married in the evening so the ceremony wasn't until 6.30. Saturday was such a beautiful day for a wedding: hot and sunny. Kate, as a bridesmaid, had to be there before to get all the photos done so I went down, armed with my wedding planning brain and helped out with table decorations and centre pieces. The Bride, Susie is my kind of bride! She had photographs of how she wanted each centre piece to look and had everything labelled ready to go, even the black stones for the long glass vases were measured out and packaged up. Totally impressive.

The ceremony was beautiful and it was so interesting to see all the differences between America and British weddings. For example, they have a family procession beforehand where the parents and grandparents (minus the Father of the Bride, obviously) walk down the aisle to their seats. I love that. I think that since they've all played an equal part then it seems unfair that only the father gets all eyes on him! 

Kris had eight Grooms men + two ushers! and Susie had eight beautiful bridesmaids. They had a colour scheme of black and white which looks super classy. 
The ceremony and receptions were at the same place with a really short walk in between. I know I helped decorate but the reception venue did look beautiful, all the little details: signs on the bride and groom's chair, photos of their parents and grandparent's weddings, a tiny chalkboard menu. All adorable.

The photos afterwards took a while and I realised I hadn't eaten since Saturday so by the time dinner was served I was ravenous. Luckily, the food was amazing: salad (with a raspberry vinigerette dressing. so good!), rolls, chicken, corn, vegetables. Mmm. I was gutted there wasn't seconds! 

I also managed to use my British accent to charm a cup of tea.  A waiter brought round Coffee and I asked, ever so sweetly: "Could I have hot tea please? I'm British!". I think I dazzled him a little! But he told me my accent was wonderful and then came back, with another waiter: a whole caddy of tea for my to chose from a my own personal jug of hot water, adorable! 

Then there were speeches,and the cutting of the cake and finally the first dance. Kris & Susie looked so in love the whole day, and even though I don't know them the first dance made me well up. We all joined the dance floor for ChaCha Slide (American's do this differently) and another song where you follow instructions: the Cupid Shuffle. 

There was a beautiful sparkler send off (hugeeee sparklers) which looked amazing, but was a little scary!! 


The final social event. By this point we were both exhausted and ready for an introvert day. But brunch at Keeneland (a large race track in Kentucky) was great. A proper taste of American food: biscuits and gravy. Then we spent the rest of the day napping and sunbathing by the pool, drinking cocktails. Idyllic. 

In all seriousness, exhausting and intense as the past few days have been I have loved meeting Kate's extended family, I feel like a Gorton-Brown now! I also feel honoured to have been invited to Kris and Susie's wedding day. 

Tomorrow we're off on our road trip to North Carolina so we're preparing for that. and I'll be sure to blog all about that soon.

Until next time... 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

American Adventure- The Journey Part 2

Hello beauties
So let's pick off where we left off hey? If you missed it you can read part one of my journey here.

So I landed in Chicago and got through security.. I don't think it'll matter how many times I do it American airport security and visa control always scare me! I also got patted down because I had a tissue and a pack of gum in my pocket. Ooops. 

Then I had about three hours to spare. So I got a starbucks to perk me up (White mocha, one shot of coffee, whipped cream) and wandered around. I took some pictures to actually prove I'd been in Chicago too.

I was a little worried because some flights were being delayed or cancelled including one to Louisville, Kentucky. I kept getting texts to say my gate had changed etc. By this point I just wanted to be there and wasn't feeling any delays. 

I managed to find a few spots to charge my phone and carried on reading my book: 'The Moment Keeper' by Buffy Andrews. I think I got this one free on my e-reader or for like less than a £1. It was good, if a little predictable.

As it happened our flight was delayed by like 15 mins max... but the way people complained you would think we were stuck there over night. Like, I get it.. it was late, we were tired and bit cranky but calllm down!

The flight to Kentucky was pretty smooth sailing, one hour or just reading my book and trying not to get too restless.. by this point my legs just wanted me to move around. We landed with a bump and at quite a pace which was a little scary. But being that it was a commercial flight on a small plane it didn't take long to get off. and finally.. I saw Kate!

Oh. How I've missed her. We hugged and squeaked and talked.. and my case was the second on the belt. Honestly, by this point I was exhausted it was gone midnight (5 am according to my body) but I was also loving catching up with Kate. 

We got back to Kate's apartment which is lovely (I'll maybe do a tour blog post) and I met her gorgeous pup, Ellie and her boyfriend, Les. 
and then I attempted to sleep... It was rough. My stomach was hurting, I was waking up every hour but eventually I managed to settle down until between 5am-9am. 

Yesterday was pretty chilled: I saw a bit of down town Lexington, we bought expensive juice from a hipster juice bar, browsed gorgeous clothes shops where I wanted to spend all my money and got a burger. and last night we went to Kate's parents for a BBQ which was really good but I was beginning to wilt a little.  

I went to bed at 10pm and slept through til 7am this morning and I feel a lot better today!
I don't think I'll be posting every day because some days probably aren't blogworthy, just me enjoying being with my best friend! But thank you for reading and your lovely comments :-). 

Until next time....

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

American Adventure- The Journey Part 1

Hello beauties

I made it!!! 
Yesterday I was awake for 22 hours and travelling for about 17 but I am currently sat at Kate's apartment in Lexington, Kentucky, drinking tea (I bought my own tea bags!).

So how was the journey? Pretty good.

I stayed with my twin sister Chloe at her house just outside of Oxford so it was pretty easy to get to the airport (she was crazy happy that I was going from Heathrow and not Gatwick). We has breakfast near her house and I'd been ill in the night so was trying to settle my stomach (and it did, thanks God!). Then I basically sailed through check in and security. Heathrow terminal two has only just opened again I think so it's dead! Seriously, there was like five flights or something on the board yesterday plus I got to check in 3 and a half hours before my flight. 

So I made the most of the extra time: got my make up done for free at the Dior counter. Lots of foundations, concealer, powder- all stuff I rarely wear. Then pink eyeliner, black eyeliner, mascara and being told off my a random lady (not the one doing my make up) for blinking too much!!! The best bit? No sales pitch at the end! Just a free makeover et voila. Looking glam for my flight!! 

Then I got a spot of lunch at "Wondertree" which I was about to say was very similar to Giraffe.. turns out the same people own them so that makes sense. All healthy, yummy, superfood salads and tapas style dishes. I had satay chicken skewers with hummus and bread. and an amazing iced tea: chamomile & green tea with mango, lime and mint.. I definitely want to make that myself. 

Somehow I was then slightly late .. by that I mean by the time I'd walked the epic journey to the gate they were calling the boarding group in front of me. So I don't know about late or just perfectly timed. I already knew I wasn't happy about my seat... slap bang in the middle of the lane in the middle of a row! They give you an option to change for free on the website but when I went to do this the only options were upgrades which cost $129. No thank you!
Anyway I was sat next to a guy who's flight had been delayed in Dublin and who should have been on his flight to San Francisco as he we were boarding our plane. Ooops. And another guy who moved after lunch was served and never returned. Which is great because it meant I had a spare seat next to me and could easily slip out when I needed to!

Take off was fine, I normally don't really enjoy it but as they go.. not too bad!After take off they came round with drinks, I ordered wine only to be told I couldn't pay with cash. They were dead nice though and said I could settle up later.. as it happened when I did go to settle up they didn't have the card machine and they just let me off. Free wine, winner!

Then dinner was served. I got mine first because I'd ordered a veggie meal (although bizarrely one of the options for other fliers was meat free too!) Mine was a soya style chicken in coconut sauce with rice and bok choi. It was good.. except bok choi is not easy to cut with plastic cutlery! I also had side salad, bread roll and a biscuit.

By this time I'd already finished one book: "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Truman Capote (yes, like the film) so settled down with my cool headphones (again I bought my own.. they're pink over the ears with leopard print and flowers and stuff all over them) to watch a film. I actually ended up watching the same film three times because it's on loop throughout and I kept missing bits so I watched the end, the middle then the start! It was called "The Guilt Trip" and had Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogan in. She's an overbearing mothers, he's a nonchalant son.. they go on a road trip under the guise of his business meetings but actually to meet her childhood sweetheart. It's good. Try and watch it. 

I also read a few more books and just put the country music channel on. I had my e-reader plus a ton of books that Chloe lent me so I shouldn't run out of reading material but if you have any suggestions.. let me know.
I read:

  •  a sample of Jojo Moye's "The One Plus One".. I've read a few of her other books and enjoyed this sample so I'll probably get the full book soon.
  • "The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams- I don't even care that this is a kids book, it's adorable. I read once that someone had a reading from this at their wedding, I can see why. You can learn a lot about love from it,
  • "Nightingales on Call" by Donna Douglas- good for fans of Call the Midwife. Nice story, a few twists but generally easy reading. Sometimes I got a bit confused as to which nurse was which but generally very good.
Then a "snack" was served: I had a roasted vegetable wrap which was lovely but dripping with oil, a packet of crisps and a biscuit. Oh and diet coke. 

and then the descent began. Is it just me who thinks descending takes forever? I know it can't just drop out the sky but it felt like ages. Honestly, it was a pretty bumpy, not overly pleasant landing I think because Chicago was pretty rainy and miserable when we got there. We landed about 30 mins later than planned but that worked in my favour because my layover in Chicago was for a few hours. 

This blog post is getting pretty long so I think I'll write another tomorrow about my Chicago experience and jet leg.

Until tomorrow...

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Monday, 9 June 2014

The final countdown- Laura's American Adventure

EEEEEKKK.  It's happening tomorrow!!
According to my time hop app I first started properly planning my trip to America exactly a year ago today and tomorrow I fly!
My flight is at 3.20 pm so I'm currently staying with Chloe in preparation.
My bag is packed minus a few items
My hand luggage is altogether and I can print my boarding pass in 2 hours time so it'll start to feel properly real. Gahhhh!! 

Until I started typing this post it didn't feel quite real. Now I'm crazy excited.

I promise to blog as much of my adventure as possible.

But first I wanted to introduce my best friend... Kate

Valentines trip to Ghana 2011

Kate is 23 and lives in America (obviously). We met on our gap year in London and struck up a friendship pretty much straight away (she called me precious and I knew we'd be friends for life) We share a mutual love of food, dogs and being sarcastic.

Kate last came to stay a year after our gap year towards the end of my first year of university so it has been over 2 years since we last saw each other!
I'm so excited. 

So, travellers alike. What are your airport travel tips? What should I ensure is in my hand luggage? What should I make sure I've packed? 

Until next time... 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Fired up about - The Fashion Revolution

I recently realised when I get fired up about stuff I blog.So welcome to my new posts "fired up about" my chance to get a little ranty and ragey! 

Enjoy, Comment, Debate. 

I just read this post and it made me angry.
Not because of the writing or the content. But because of the things which the post was questioning. I was angry because I was agreeing.

This is what Sara said is wrong with the fashion industry: (click the link above for the full post)

  1. Clothes are designed for toddlers
  2. trends
  3. the pressure to be perfect
and whilst I agree with all of that.. the second line of the post really struck a chord with me: 

"Fashion magazines, for example, are designed to make people on normal salaries with normal bodies feel like shit."

So then I wrote this comment: 

"Thank you for this post. But can we please discuss the cost of fashion (which you touch on briefly at the start!) It’s ridiculous. For example Glamour magazine costs £2 (I’d say thats pretty affordable especially compared to other fashion magazines) BUT then you open it up and advertised in there is fashion with price tags that read £POA. I can just about afford the odd Topshop purchase (that’s as a student with next to zero income/reserves so I know I’m not necessarily reflective of the general public) but most of my fashion comes from New Look, Primark and actually. charity shops and yet we never see them advertised in glossy magazines?? Sorry, i’ve been sat on this a while!"

(actually my first comment didn't post properly so I had to rewrite it... smooth and opinionated!)

and now, still angry, I'm writing this blog post.
Because you see.. there's no point in me just being angry.. I actually have to utilise that anger. 

So what am I going to do?

Firstly, I said in January (see post here) that I would undertake my clothes challenge to not buy any brand new clothes for a whole year... and I failed! I'll admit I've bought bits from Ebay, charity shops, vintage fairs but I've also bought a brand new pair of jeans from H&M and a blazer for that matter (actually thinking about it H&M is the only place I've bought brand new clothes from since January) But now I'm going back to that...

Charity shop haul- Dec 13

I'm going to America in June and I know resisting the shops out there will be difficult but from now I'm making a concerted and ideally absolute effort to only shop in charity shops, thrift stores, Ebay, vintage shops & fairs, car boot sales. Basically anywhere where the clothes I buy won't be brand new. I wanted to call it the charity shop revolution but since there are other options it'll just be a fashion revolution. 

More than that I want to appeal to these magazines to start considering lower end high street fashion (new look, H&M etc) and also diversify: charity shops, vintage fairs etc. Perhaps they won't get the same level of sponsorship or money from it but surely, they won't just be talking to me? I know I'm not alone in this... I just look at my friend Louise (Pauper to Princess) and know there are other people crying out for recognition of all these great shops and cheaper (and yet still ethical) alternatives to fashion! 

Why are magazines enticing us in with their "easy on the wallet, that's change I found down the back of the sofa" price tag and then advertising "never in a million years, would have to sell a kidney and some to afford that" goods?? 

It's time for a fashion revolution. 

 I'd love to hear your views in the comments below. 

Until next time..

P.s. this is nothing to do with the bigger (and more important) Fashion Revolution

A Harvest of Blessing

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Things that warm my heart

Hello beauties
Guess what?? I am finished!! I handed in my last assignment yesterday. Hence the lack of blog post. I was drained. 
I handed it in, watched one tree hill, watched Frozen then went for dinner and drinks with Andy. and thennnn I slept! Best nights sleep. everrrr! Honestly.. I fell asleep before Andy had turned out the light, he was still talking to me!!

So today I thought I'd do a post on things which warm my heart. This is inspired by Life Outside London and Made in Hunter's 52 lists. (although I think I'm a week behind!)

1. A perfect cup of tea- piping hot, one sugar, milk (I'm not tooo fussy about strength as long as it's not anaemic!)

2. One Tree Hill - my favourite. no explanation. 

3. Lying in bed when it is raining - oh. perfection. 

4. A good book. Y'know, the kind you can't put down? The kind where you don't want to do anything else except read? Yea. That. 

5. A good meal - I just love food. 

6. Putting on my cosies- you know when you get home? and you get changed out of your outside clothes to trackies and a comfy jumper. 

7. A nice catch up- Over a cuppa, glass of wine, dinner. I'm not fussy. I love those catch ups where a 'quick catch up' turns in to hours. 

8. A good bath- hot as hell and ideally with bubbles. Then just leave me to my own devices.. and don't worry if I don't appear for hours... I wont have drowned. 

9. Cuddles- with Andy, with family, with my dogs. I love a good cuddle.

10. Walking in muddy fields- wellies, mud, dogs, grass. Rural. Lovely. 

What makes you happy?

Until next time... 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Blog Chat Tuesday- Dinner By Dad

Morning Lovelies.
How are we?

I am suffering today: bad nights sleep, I've caught Andy's cold and I have 4000 words to write today (al my pre reading and structure planning is done just gotta make them in to sentences!)

Do you like my motivational poster?

Anyway, enough of my moping. It's Blog Chat Tuesday which means I'm not even really writing this post. Hoorah.

Today I'm chatting with the wonderful Nick from Dinner by Dad. My new favourite parent blogger! Nick has only been blogging three weeks and he has taken to it like a natural (plus I mentioned this before but his baby is super cute!- check his blog for pictures!). 

Here's what he had to say:

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I'm a 25-year-old easy-going guy, daylighting as an SEO Manager then spending the rest of my time as a daddy. I'm an avid gym-goer (most lunch times) and love a good sit down in front of the TV when everything is done in the evening.

I live with my partner, Nikki... but we're currently looking to move house so we have a garden for little man to play in :)
2. Can you tell me a little bit about your blog? (i.e. whats it about, how did it get started etc?)

Dinner by Dad is all about my life as a father. I originally began the blog with the aim of posting about meals I had cooked as well as posts about family life. However, I've found that my real passion lies with posting about my son, Isaac and all the experiences I share with him. I'm sure I'll do some posting about meals as well - but expressing myself in the way I do right now really works for me; and makes me feel great when people say how much they like it.
3. What's your favourite thing about blogging?

Above everything else, the people. As I write this, I've only been blogging for two weeks or so, but I've already met (digitally) some amazing people (you included, Laura!). I can't wait to attend events and meet everyone properly. Blogging allows people to make real friends; people who will support you and stand by you when you need it the most; and I really value that.
4. What's your least favourite thing?

Hmm, I guess it's worrying what people will think about my writing. That's the first thing I worried about as a brand new blogger - but now I know that because I'm expressing my true self, those people who connect with it are the exact people I'm writing it for. As long as I'm happy and confident in what I write, I know that people will respect that.

Oh, another thing is that even when you've read your post 100 times over... there's still a mistake hidden in there somewhere!
5. If you could write any other type of blog what would it be?

I don't really know; Fatherhood is the one thing I'm really passionate about. I guess I could blog about me going from a gym-a-phobe into a daily user of the gym... that would be interesting (I think!). After Isaac was born, I didn't really do any exercise for the first 6 months of his life - long working hours and late nights just didn't allow it to work. Now, however, I'm getting my fitness back and feel great!
6. Do you have any blogs that you'd recommend?

I'm still pretty new to the whole thing, but I've quite enjoyed reading:

And yours, of course :) 

I'm still in the process of reading loads of blogs at the moment to meet more people, so I'm guessing my overall list would be huge!

7. What three things would you say to wannabe bloggers?
Just. Do. It.

(Sorry, had to!)

Seriously though, I would say:

1.Don't be afraid to get started; the only thing holding you back from a whole community of great people is yourself.

2. Pick something you love and write about that. Write from the heart and only the heart - if you get a little emotional when you write (even just a few smiles...), then you're doing it right.

3. Be realistic and don't go at it too heavy. Post once or twice a week to start with until you know you can write more regularly. You wouldn't want to exhaust your ideas straight away!

8. Anything else you'd like to add.

Yes...! A huge thank you, Laura, for inviting me to take part in Blog chat Tuesday... and thank you for welcoming me into the blogging community with open arms; a star :)

Thank you Nick for joining today. Also, Nick is currently at Centre Parc's at the moment (yeaa.. I'm not the least bit jealous!) so I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

If you would like to feature in Blog Chat Tuesday please feel free to comment below or drop me a tweet (@lmgeorge92)

Until tomorrow....

P.s. you may have noticed some ad's on the side of my blog. Feel free to click on any that interest you. 

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