Friday, 16 May 2014

#BEDM - Things I found on the internet

Hi Beauties
Don't be put off by the blog title. It's not one of THOSE blogs!

I constantly find stuff online via pinterest/twitter/Google etc. and get a mini obsession with them and then I forget about them pretty quickly. So I thought if I noted them down here, shared them with you, you could tell me about yours. Wonderful.

First up:


As I mentioned in this post I'm going to America in June and we're road tripping to Wilmington, NC. My friend Kate introduced me to AirBnB and we've booked a room in a really lovely looking house. I'm now obsessed with this website and the app. I keep looking up different places to visit and scoping out the houses/apartments etc. 
The app has a pinterest style function so I've spent far tooo much time this week "pinning" places I want to stay. Staycations in fancy country houses just outside of Chester, beautiful apartments near Royal Mile for when I FINALLY visit Edinburgh and then about 30 "interesting places"- hammocks in the Dominican Republic, Gypsy caravans in France, Windmills near Cambridge and the cutest story book looking house in Cornwall. Gahhh I love it.

Plusss it's probably cheaper/similar pricings to staying in a hotel.
I could honestly write a whole blog about my love of this website/app. Can't wait to use it out. 


Again, this is for my trip to America. You put in your route and it shows up cool places to visit, places to stay, places to eat etc. It's not the easiest thing to use but I'm getting pretty excited to see our route displayed and knowing we'll be going right through Charleston. Eeeeek. 

It's also got maps for the UK (and Europe I think) so I might even test it out the next time I drive home and see what exciting places I can stop off at en route. 

I'm sure there were other bits, but I figure this will become a relatively regular feature of my blog. So if I think of anything,i'll let you know ;-) 

Until tomorrow...
p.s. Have you discovered any cool websites/apps recently?

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