Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#BEDM- Passion Projects

Hello lovelies
There's a whole lot of love and enthusiasm on the BEDM hashtag today!
I'm excited to read through all your passion projects. 

I'm feeling pretty unenthusiastic today, lovelies. I handed in one assignment but I have a 2500 word report due on Thursday and I've written all of about 500 words. I did ice a cake to look like a Game of Life board though.. so it's not too bad! (picture to follow..I promise!)

So my passion project...

For those who don't know.. I've spent the last year on placement with a charity based in Chester who work in schools. My role included working in high schools teaching sex and relationship education (SRE). I've LOVED every minute, I finished in April and I miss it so much.

But that's my passion ... GOOD SRE. 
I genuinely believe it makes so, so much difference.

Firstly, good knowledge of not just sex but also what constitutes a healthy, loving relationship is so so crucial for their future. Knowing what to accept and what not to accept, knowing that there is a choice. Some of the most fascinating work we did this year was working in split gender groups surrounding relationships- I've had the honour of working with the amazing Gareth Cheesman (SRE Stuff) . 

Furthermore, knowing how to use a condom can not only combat unwanted pregnancies and decrease the threat of STIs but it'll also decrease the risk of HIV and that can always be a good thing. 
When I went to Ghana in February 2011 I visited a hospital, even their sexual health provision was incredible and I pray SRE provision in England will only increase! 

So now the project bit... I'm currently undertaking a Chester based research project surrounding sex and relationship education and opinions of teachers and parents. It's based upon a 1995 study by the Education Health Authority who said there was a compelling case for good partnership between parents & teachers. I'm not sure we've seen this yet.. like a decade later.

I'm not saying the results of my project will change this but I hope it'll be a contributing factor. 

I'm really excited to see the results and the next steps.

Now if only I got translate that passion to my report... 

Until tomorrow....

p.s. what was your sex ed like at school? 


  1. Our sex ed was pitiful, I think the teacher was more embarrassed than we were, and I left the class mistakenly believing that you could get pregnant from kissing! It was quite a shock when playground chatter informed me otherwise.

    Good luck with your project!

    1. Hi Vickie
      I think that's why having outside educators instead of teachers works so well. For the most part we never see the young people again and we do a lot of anonymous questions so they can ask anything they want (normally combating the playground chatter) often the teachers learn just as much :p

  2. Our sex ed was pitiful - I went to a religious school and the governors decided that the only thing we should be taught is that even just holding hands puts you at risk of diseases. I think there's definitely a real lack of emphasis on the emotional side of things too - Biology class handles the physical side and the rest just gets forgotten! It's great to hear you writing so passionately about providing good education on sex and relationships!

    1. I hear a lot of that! we refuse to teach anything if we're not allowed to talk relationships first. It's all very well talking biology but relationships need to be fundamental... and that's coming from a Christian charity ;-)

  3. I don't think we ever got sex ed at school. I remember letters being sent home asking for permission to take part in the lessons, but then they never actually gave us the lessons.

    I think it's very important that schools and parents work together in giving their children the education and advice they need, and there definitely needs to be a focus on emotional and personal level as well as the physical.

    1. Hi Lauren
      thanks for your comment.
      That seems ridiculous! The national curriculum currently only states that it needs to be taught from a science perspective!!
      but hopefully we'll see some change soon


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