Thursday, 8 May 2014

#BEDM- Local History

Hello lovelies
How are you?
Assignment update-- finished and handed in at 1pm today and so this afternoon was mostly spent slobbing in front of Twiligh DVDs. Well earned I'd say, no?

So today's prompt is ... Local History

conveniently I live in one of the most historic cities in the UK (possibly the world, actually!!) ... Chester!!!

Chester is an ancient, Roman walled city with history dating back 2,000 years! Apparently..

"Originally the fortress site of the 20th legion (Valeria Victrix) it was charged with suppressing the uprising of the army led by the warrior queen, Boadicea, the town being known then (c. AD70) as Deva, and soon became a major trading port." 

Presently is has a lot of the original features, 2 miles of Roman walls surround the city and you can see glimpses of Roman influence as you walk around the city including an amphitheatre and a sunken garden (apologies I love history but I'm not very good at facts!)

But obviously, it's not all Roman.. some of the buildings have the Tudor features and has the medieval feature of 'rows' (two layers of shopping. hello!):
"These are double-level walkways with a continuous line of balconies and with shops at street and first-floor levels. The Rows are unique and were certainly in existence in the 14th century."

 andddd the oldest shop front in the world!

Also.. the second most photographed clock IN THE WORLD. Yessssh. (prize if you can tell me the first!)

OHHHH and the Cathedral.. which is free to enter! Oh. So much going on!!! (I'm worried I'm turning blue trying to think about everything I can tell you!) 

Finally, there are loads of medieval crypts (about 20) around the city... here's my post about when I visited one!!

It really is a beautiful city with loads of interesting history (you can go on tours and Roman walks and stuff) so I'd urge you to visit and look me up if you do ;-)

Until tomorrow...

Have you ever visited Chester?

N.B. All images from: not my own images. 


  1. Ah, the most photographed clock is surely the one that Big Ben lives behind?! What do I get as a prize? ;)

  2. Hahah that's right!!! UH.. Oh gosh... my admiration!!


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