Saturday, 31 May 2014

#BEDM- The end

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I can't believe its the end of the BEDM challenge.. I'm seriously considering carrying on a BEDJ challenge.. would anyone like to join me?

In all seriousness.... I've loved this challenge. When I did the challenge in November last year I really struggled, often resenting having to try and write another post (admittedly I was using either a very slow laptop or a not very user friendly mobile app) and I worried I'd feel the same this time round especially with trying to write four essays, revise for an exam  and apply for jobs at the same time. But actually its been welcome respite and sometimes procrastination.

I'm so proud of myself because I've only missed maybe maximum two days of posting and honestly, I've rarely followed the prompts.. I've either had something else on my heart or the prompt just didn't feel relevant for where I'm at. Which is fine, last time I felt a bit straitjacketed (my own fault) by the prompts this time was so much nicer!!

I've often written blog posts a day or two in advance because I've just wanted to keep writing. 
At the moment, for example I have at least enough posts to last until Wednesday and then maybe I'll take a break and start blogging again when I'm in America.. we'll see!!

I wrote this post about my blog dreams and how I wanted to see my blog develop and I've already achieved some of them. I've joined in two (maybe by the time this is published three) blog hops, started utilising twitter, facebook, IG and pinterest more to get my blog out there, and put my picture up so I'm no longer just a little orange icon. Oh and I have a shiny new about me section! 

More than that I've been inspired. I've created a page in my filofax dedicated to blog ideas: posts, social media ideas, design things.

What else would I like to do?

  • I'd like to design a banner and get a new blogger template that is unique to me- unfortunately I'm not exactly blessed with computer design genius so I may need to enlist some help.
  • I'd like to go self-hosted but I'm still unsure about what name I'd use (unfortunately lmgeorge is taken on twitter... by someone not using their account!!!)
  • I'm wondering about becoming more of a brand: separate twitter/facebook accounts etc. 
  • I'd like get better at photo editing/making stuff look pretty. I envy pretty blogs. Especially wishlist posts which always look so lovely. - I might need help with that too. Anyone?
  • I need to stop counting blog views and remember it's not really about that.. sometimes it becomes a bit addictive refreshing my blog dashboard! (I feel like Lucy at Moving in with a boy would sympathise)
and as for how often I'll blog? Maybe once a day is a bit too much but now I'm in the habit I'd like to be blogging at least twice a week. Obviously I have my blog chat Tuesday posts and hopefully I'll feel inspired by other posts as the week progresses. 

So please journey with me some more... I'd love you to join me!

How have you found BEDM? What's been your highlight?

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  1. I'm always seriously impressed when anyone completes one of these monthly challenges - well done!

    1. Thank you so much :-) I've actually really enjoyed it and feel like I could do the whole of June too!


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