Sunday, 25 May 2014

#BEDM- Date night at the Botanist

Good Morning (just about) lovelies,
I've not really kept up with the prompts for #BEDM but the date night prompt fitted nicely with what I wanted to blog about today.

So on Sunday after a busy week and a weekend of doing different things we went to .... The Botanist in Chester for some dinner (tea, if you're Northern!) 

This wasn't on Sunday I just like the photo

The Botanist is a brand new restaurant on St Werburgh St - it's really not easy to miss. It used to be the Living Rooms and now its a really cool restaurant/bar/club place! The outside has these amazing iron gates (hand made so I'm reliably informed)

I'll let you in to a secret Andy's work did the structural engineering work for the building and refurb so I know a little about the vision! It's meant to have an English garden, vintage feel! So it's all distressed walls, scrubbed wood and then a gigantic motorbike just kind of hanging in the middle!!

They also do amazing drinks! I wasn't up for alcohol on Sunday so I ordered a 'Forest Fruit Fling' which is : Blackberry, raspberry and blueberry purées, apple juice, cranberry juice and lemon juice. It was SOOOO yummy and lot of crushed ice for me to eat (just me?) It also came in a gorgeous mug thing (I can't remember the exact name for it right now... answers on a postcard) which I wanted to steal! 

and the fooodddd. Oh my goodness! It was probably the best plate of food I've ever had. I had a chicken pie with mash and gravy. The pie was beautiful, the mash had mustard in it (I LOVE mustard) and the gravy... oh my gosh... I could have dreams of this gravy. So rich and yummy. Oh I want some more now!!!

Andy ordered a steak, cheese and onion sandwich and I'll have to take his word on it because I don't eat red meat but he said it was really tender. and I can vouch that the accompanying chips were lovely too, really nicely seasoned!

The only downsides? No room for dessert! I'm desperate to try the coconut and banana kebab. So we promised we'd come back soon just for that! (also some of the starters look amazing).

Also at about 9pm they turned the lights down and even our waitress said it was quite dark. In that we couldn't really read the bill or dessert menu!

The mains were about £10-12 each so not bad pricing either.
and the staff were so lovely. I can't wait to visit again. 

Until tomorrow...
 Where was the last place you ate? 


  1. Oh my this sounds like a brill place! I love the drink - I would have been tempted to *cough rehome the glass too! Altho I'm sure my handbag wouldn't have been big enough - I never have any room in my bag! Food sounded lovely too, I'm hungry readin it! Popped by from #bedm
    Bee Happy and Healthy

    1. Hi Clare
      thanks so much for your comment. I've been known to rehome a similar glass before ;-) although like you my bag probably wasn't big enough this time!!
      Thanks for popping over to my blog. how are you finding #BEDM? will check out your blog now :-)


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