Monday, 12 May 2014

#BEDM Darling let's be adventurous

I have the travel bug. 
I was bitten when I went to Ghana in 2011 and it's still in my system.
Last year I was lucky enough to visit Disneyland, Paris and spend the day in the city centre. I also went to Crete in August see some pics here

But it's no use... today I want to be jetting off on a plane, not writing an essay.

I am actually off to Kentucky in June-  spending three weeks with my best friend including her brother's wedding and we're road tripping to Wilmington, NC (where One Tree Hill was filmed) AND going to see Beyonce & Jay Z in concert.  So watch this blog for lots of blogging about that.

BUT even that isn't enough to curb my itchy feet. 

So there's only one thing for it, read travel blogs, browse pinterest and plan imaginary holidays on Travel Supermarket. For those interested this is my travel board here .

So today's post is dedicated to places I really want to visit ... in no particular order (I tried to define a number and then just kept thinking of more.. I promise this won't be a really long post!!)


I want a winter wedding and by default this has become my dream honeymoon destination. Today I've mostly been dreaming of this apartment in Reykjavik and exploring hot springs at the Blue Lagoon. As a consequence, I discovered travel blogger Adventurous Kate and now I just want to do her job! 


I think this is the OC fan girl in me coming out. I feel like I could quite happily live in California: sandy beaches, hot weather. Oh. Wonderful. In the unlikely event I get a job there I think I'd settle for a nice visit.  I've visited America twice now and I'm obviously going again in June but haven't been to the West cost yet, one day!

New York

oh. the city that never sleeps. Let me just wander your streets, please.  Andy is actually doing a Kontiki tour of America in August, he starts in California and finished in NYC (yea, I'm a bit jealous... take meee!!) Seriously though, I want to go! Maybe during the winter ... Ooooh snow!


I can't explain the appeal of Prague at all.. I just really, really want to go! It looks SO pretty, like something from a Disney film or something. Sighhhh. 


Anywhere please. I said that if I could ever afford a second gap year I'd spend at least six months in Italy.. learning Italian, drinking wine, eating pasta, riding a baby blue Vespa. Oh... when will I win Euromillions? Andy is an architecture geek so when we go we're definitely visiting Milan Cathedral. 

I actually think Europe is really, really underrated. I'd love to road trip across Europe and see all the different countries and cities and stuff! 


I keep looking at nannying jobs in Dubai and surrounding areas and thinking I'd love that! The buildings, the wealth, the sunshine. 

What do you think? Where would you go if you could just up and leave?

Until tomorrow...

N.B. Images found on pinterest please click image to go to original source. Images are not my own. 


  1. Prague is beautiful! I've been twice and I would gladly go back again. Golden Lane in Prague Castle is so pretty and colourful

    1. Thank you :-) will keep that in mind! xx


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