Wednesday, 21 May 2014

#BEDM - Blog chat, with a difference.

Don't be fooled, readers. This is not the same post as yesterdays or in fact anyway similar. Yesterday I was talking about blogs I like to read. If you'd rather read that post it's here

Today I'm talking about my own blog! I just read Daire's post on 50 things to make me read your blog. (that's the third time I've mentioned Daire this series, I do read other blogs too. I think I just have a bit of a blogger girl crush!) It got me thinking. Those who know my blog story know I'm a pretty begrudging blogger but I'm falling back in love with it and whilst I never intend it to be one of those huge, international, hundreds of readers a minute jobbies I do want to see it grow and use it as a tool more often! 

So here is a list of things I'd like to do with my blog, perhaps you can help me :

1. Design a button and share it - I'm not that creative at all, but I don't really like the little orange icon that appears when I comment on blogs, that needs to change. So a button will serve two purposes: changing that but also sharing my blog. I'd do button swaps (It'll be like a school playground!) with other blogs so we'd be sharing each other's content.

2. Put up an about me page - I clearly don't understand blogger because I wrote an about me page but I don't know where it is or how it's accessed. If I want readers to know about me, I really need to utilise this page.

3. Sort through old posts- Again, this is twofold a lot of my old posts need spell checking and honestly some of them probably need deleting altogether! 

4. Add tags to my posts - This comes under number three I guess, tagging old posts and future posts so they're easier to find etc. 

5. Utilise social media- This one should be so easy- I'm obsessed with twitter and instagram and yet my blog doesn't get too much of a mention on there. 

6. Host/attend a blog meet up- I want to meet other bloggers in the Chester/North West/North Wales area. There doesn't seem to be any! If you are one/know one PLEASE get in touch! 

7. Host a giveaway- This is a bit of a pipe dream for perhaps when my blog has grown a bit! I love entering giveaways and winning stuff, why not host one and give back to the giveaway community (if that's a thing). 

8. Be part of a link up- I've loved being part of #BEDM and #BEDN but I'd also like to be part of a more regular link up. 

9. Attend a twitter chat- Again, this is part of 5 and 8. There are so many twitter chats surrounding blogs I really need to commit to being part of one reguarly to get my posts out there and also meet other bloggers, I really love the blogging community! 

10. Use good quality photos- I'm sure I break some blog commandments when I put up posts with zero photos (ironically, this might be one!!) and when I do they're not exactly the best photos. I've read a few times that a blogger should hone their photo editing skills as well, so perhaps I need to develop that! 

I think that's it. I'm also looking at buying my own domain but that's going to take some thinking about and being in a bit of a better place financially.

Ok, so over to you : Is there anything I've missed?

Until tomorrow...

P.S. Whilst adding labels to this post I also discovered how to schedule posts! Every day is a school day!

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