Thursday, 22 May 2014

This weekend we went to... The Tea Press Cafe

I'm beginning to think my blog niche might be a coffee shop tour of the North West. what do we think?
Anyway, this weekend was a lazy one (I worked Friday & Saturday night so a little bit of chilling and TLC was needed) so we went for a little mosey into Chester and grabbed some lunch at The Tea Press Cafe. For those who know Chester, it's actually a well kept secret because.. it's downstairs! It's located in the 13th Century crypt underneath Brown's of Chester (Debenhams) and it's beautiful! 
My nan always says... "Chester, steeped in History" and it's true! 
Apparently there are 20 Crypts in Chester and this is fully kitted out with beautiful stone work and little bits on the walls about the History of Chester (learning is fun!)

andddd... it's a TEA cafe not just coffee shop, friends! They do all sort of different loose leaf teas in cute little tea pots. I went for Darjeeling. Check out this gorgeous dresser where they store their teas... I want one in my house!!

But don't panic coffee lovers, Andy had an Americano and said it was one of the best coffees he's ever had! All tastes catered for hey? We also had a soft drink, I had vintage style strawberry lemonade it was yummy!

and for food? We went for the Afternoon Tea ... it was yummy! They bring out a cake stand with little finger sandwiches (ham, egg and smoked salmon), gigantic scones with jam & cream and teeny tiny little cakes! If I'm honest there was almost TOO much...we didn't finish it all. But it was super yummy! and accompanied by lovely tea too.

The staff were dead welcoming and friendly although we couldn't quite figure out where we paid to start with! 

In total we paid about £18 for afternoon tea, plus two soft drinks which given that we went for lunch wasn't too bad hey?

Definitely visiting again!

Until next time.

Do you have a favourite coffee shop in the North West?
What's your favourite tea?


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    1. Hi Helen. Thank you for your comment, sorry it's taken me a while to reply! me too! it's so beautiful. are you local to Chester?


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