Friday, 25 April 2014

Product review - John Frieda Sheer Blonde Conditioning Treatment

Hello Lovelies

Three blog posts in a week? I must be avoiding essays ;-) 

As promised another free beauty bargain today! This time a present. My wonderful mum did custom crackers for Christmas last year and I got a sachet of John Frieda's sheer blonde conditioning treatment. On account of leaving it at home and because it wasn't designed for student house living I've only just got round to using it. 

The instructions say to use John Frieda shampoo beforehand, unfortunately I did have some of this but couldn't afford to buy more so I used tresemme shampoo and between me and you, I'm not sure it made a huge difference! 

I then put it on all over my hair for 15 minutes. This was less relaxing then it should have been because the dominos pizza man arrived early and I had to run around in fizz finding clothes to answer the door in and then greeted him with obviously wet hair, still with product in. 

Anyway, when I washed it out I could tell instantly that it had made a difference compared to normal conditioning. My hair after 6 years if bleaching and generally not looking after it very well can sometimes be a little unhappy. Recently, I've had consistent knots at the back of my hair even with ample conditioning. But they were gone straight off. 

When I dried it it felt as if I'd recently had it cut (which is an advantage because I'm not sure when I'll next be able to afford a cut!!) and all signs of knots were gone. I tried to take a picture to show you but it's very difficult to take a picture of the back of ones head so I apologise for the slightly odd angle! I also think my hair looks blonder but that might be wishful thinking because again, I'm not sure when it's next going to see bleach! 

And the next day it brushed better than it has in a long time, really like a freshly cut feeling!

The negatives I would say is that my roots still feel a bit heavy with product so I do think it leaves a bit of residue behind but that might have been my rush to go eat pizza. Also unlike with their conditioners it doesn't have a very strong smell and I personally like my hair to smell freshly washed as well as look it, but I might just be being picky! 

Finally the sachet is really generous there's definitely enough for at least one more go with it and that's with me using a lot this time round.

At about £5.89 for 150 ml it's definitely something I'd consider buying (perhaps with my remaining Superdrug voucher) and using on a weekly basis to keep my hair in good condition. 

Until next time 

P.S. What's your favourite hair product? 

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