Thursday, 30 January 2014

January in review

So I set myself 3 goals for January: 

1. Start of a* challenge
2. Exercise more 
3. No spend January 

I'm going to talk about my a* challenge on my other blog! so look out for that! 

The other two? 
I managed about two days if my abs challenge!! Oops! So I have pinned a fab abs February challenge and I am determined that February will be THE month to get my abs back!! Also, I'm getting my asthma checked out so hopefully I can start running again soon. 
I also tried two different exercise DVDs. One was a yogalites one, but the women was sooooo boring and patronising that I made it like two minutes in! Then I also did one called the shrink challenge or something? By the women from biggest loser. She was SHOUTY but apparently she ermm "gets results". So let's check in on that one at the end of February ;-) 

No spend January? 

This one was actually a necessity not just in January but it's looking like pretty much every month until I graduate!!! I didn't do too bad at this. Apart from one mcdonalds and eh occasional bite to eat whilst I was out I really cut down on my spending, specifically spending money on food when I'm out and about. I have been very blessed by a boyfriend who likes to treat me, so I have been gifted two new Filofaxes amongst other things! 

This was a real steep learning curve but it also taught me what I can go without. 
Esther from dear friend blogged that I am on a mission not to buy brand new clothes this year, it's not my challenge.. But do you know what? It's actually quite a good idea!! So, I guess that's my nest challenge for 2014!!! 

So challenges for February:
1. Drink more water 
2. Do more exercise 
3. Start the 2014 clothing challenge. 

Check in soon!! 


  1. Ooops, sorry for error on my blog! BUT you should absolutely share you tips on the clothes thing, by the end of the year you will be an absolute pro. Good luck on the other goals, Matt and I started doing the Insanity workout on his xbox. Its quite tough but if you stick at it even for 2 weeks you see results :)


  2. Oooh. just seen this (you know I'm a bad blogger!!) will keep updated on how clothes challenge goes. :-) insanity workout? will have to ask Andy about that. I've just been using pinterest!


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