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Blog chat Tuesday - Dear Friend London

Happy Tuesday!!! My laptop is throwing a tantrum today so I'm writing this on the iPad. Apologises if it's not as pretty. 
Firstly a huge thank you to all those who read and retweeted last week's posts. I was overwhelmed by the recognition my little blog got. the 23 things post got nearly 150 views. amazing achievement for me. So thank you.

Today's post is another exciting one. My wonderful friend Esther has had quite year! In between her adventures with her husband (and alone), worshipping God ANDDDDD going to uni she's set up a social enterprise and blog. Check out my chat with her below: 

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourselves? 

Hi, my name is Esther. I live in East London with my lovely husband, we have been married for 1 and a half years and are loving every minute of it. I am currently studying here in East London, but am looking forward to graduating (ahh but then I’ll be a grown up!). In September I started a social enterprise called ‘Dear Friend’, this is my real passion and I wish I could devote every minute to it!

2. Can you tell me a little bit about your blog? 

(i.e. whats it about, how did it get started etc?)
Dear Friend is a little community loving movement. I run craft workshops for ladies in the local community, we make beautiful things, build relationships and encourage one another (as well as eating plenty of cake). Some of the thing we make are sold-on through etsy to fund the next workshop. The blog is part of this, my dream is that it will encourage people to get creative, to live in the knowledge that they are wonderfully made and to reach out to the people in their communities. I don’t want the focus of the blog to be on me or superficial things, but to be on beautiful and real things. There are craft tutorials, peoples stories, healthy budget recipes and posts about the joy of community. Interwoven throughout all these posts is the story of me being vulnerable in my creativity, posting something even though its feels scary to. I feel a lot more comfortable teaching crafts face-to-face than relying on my ability to put words into sentences and take nice pictures to communicate. 

3. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I think this changes often, I love having a space to be creative and share my passions. My blog pushes me to try new things, like doing a little photoshoot, and practice things like writing. Its also a place to come to terms with insecurities and fears, what if no one reads this, what if these pictures aren’t good enough, but I’m not as funny as that other blogger... you get the picture. Another thing i love are the relationships that are formed through the world of blogging. It unlike any other relationship- you’ve never met, yet you know so much about the other person. These can become really encouraging friendships and I have ‘met’ some absolutely lovely ladies.

4. What's your least favourite thing?

I recently found a website which has a forum totally dedicated to bitching and putting down different bloggers. It is seriously horrible stuff. When you share your life so freely on the internet you have to accept that some people may not like it, but the reality is that your blog may also be encouraging and inspiring people (I read a blog which on a weekly basis makes me cry, in a good way). So my least favourite thing about blogging are the haters, whether they are real people or the doubts in your mind. 

5. If you could write any other type of blog what would it be?

Each week I want to write a different type of blog. Id love to write a travel blog, a DIY lifestyle blog, a fashion blog, an art blog, an interior design blog. At the moment I would love to have a wedding photography blog, because it means I would be a wedding photographer. But for now I like Dear Friend, I can write about any subject that takes my fancy. 

6. Do you have any blogs that you'd recommend?
Here are some of my all time favourite blogs:

This is the first blog I ever LOVED, her writing and pictures leave me dreaming.

This is the blog that makes me cry, this lady has an AMAZING heart.

For me, and many others, this is a blog staple. These ladies have my dream job.

This one is very different to the others, he’s a british explorer trying to persuade others to step out of their comfort zones and go on an adventure.

Just got back from travelling the world, she makes the mundane hilarious.

This is a newer blog for me, a lovely lady who writes how I speak in my head. Also has great grooveshark playlists.

7. What three things would you say to wannabe bloggers?

Don't compare yourself to others.
Blog because you enjoy it.
Be yourself.

8. Anything else you'd like to add.
Thank you so much Laura for having me! 

Thank you very much, Esther and thank you to all of you for reading. 
If you would like to be involved in blog chat Tuesday let me know.

and to find out more about Esther & Dear friend.. press the button!

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