Sunday, 12 January 2014

23 things to do- my response

Last week this post went viral across my Facebook newsfeed. So I read it. And I reposted it.
Then I read this response. And the comments. And the response to the comments.
And then I read this response.

And now I'm writing my own.

First of all, I want to recognise that the original article was intended as sattire and this is not intended as a post to bitch out the blogger.

One bit nearly made me weep: "get a tattoo it's more permenant than marriage" - ouch! It concerns me that this is where we're at in society, this is how marriage is viewed. But that's probably a seperate post in itself!

But I do think there is some (slightly bitter) truth to it! I do feel like everyttime I log onto my Facebook someone else is getting engaged or married or having a baby! And that's great. But it can be difficult to watch and not feel slightly envious.

I'm 21 I'll be 22 in February and honestly I don't think I will be getting engaged in the next 14 months! But who knows?
The second response got some seriously heavy critique in the comments. I feel like people really pounced on the word "instead" .
Ok so I'll just say this: married people are fun! Marriage is fun!! 
I look at my friends Matt and Esther who travelled to like 5 between them countries last year ... Yea, boring young married couple. I know!
But also single people are fun. Singleness is fun!!

Basically, I'm fed up of being told that there's a specific age we must be at. For Christians it's often joked that if you're not married by 21 you're over the hill and yet I spoke to someone the other day who told me not to get married until I'm at least 30!

So here's the top of my list: (God willing)
1. Get married when I'm ready, when God says so, when the man of my dreams asks me. Don't speed up this process but don't delay it either
2. Have a marriage as permenant as my tattoos.

And here's my 23 before I'm 23. If you're single OR married please feel free to take your pick of my list...
1. Graduate, with a first. Graduate with some of my favourite people.
2. Ride in an aeroplane, twice ideally ;-)
3. Visit 5 New UK citities
4. Drink more water
5. Drink better quality  wine 
6. Start a job I love
7. Complete a pinterest project 
8. Go glamping
9. Visit a new European city
10. Hug my American best friend
11. Learn to crochet.
12. Read more newspaper articles
13. Own 10 filofaxes
14. Cook a three course Sunday lunch, from scratch. No shortcuts!
15. Own my own Christmas tree
16. Walk on an unfamiliar beach
17. Blend my own tea
18. Go on a boat
19. Watch the sunrise
20. Pull an allnighter. For any reason.
21. Collate a photo album
22. Read more classic books
23. Eat a whole jar of nutella (with someone, on my own, in one sitting. Who cares??? Just eat it!)

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