Sunday, 10 November 2013

#bedn- something different

I really wanted to do an outfit post for today but I forgot to take good photos of yesterday's outfit so they're all a bit fuzzy! See below:

So instead I decided to talk about my filofax and how I set it up!
I have a pocket sized raspberry coloured finsbury which I've been using since the start of this year (a Christmas present)

Until very recently it was my only filofax so I use it for everything. This is the set up:

In the front of the diary I have the transparent flyleaf (which I recently found out is good for sticky notes). Behind this I have one sheet of note paper for random scribblings! Then the diary (one week on two pages-I wish I had more room!!) which has a to do sheet in the middle to write daily/weekly tasks.

At the back is more note paper, a financial tracker (which I never use. Oops!) and a full A-Z address book! Et voila.

All divided up by dividers made with my own fair hands!
In the front pockets I have spare sticky notes and important cards and in the plastic wallet at the back I have spare dot stickers and a ruler as well as spare heart stickers hole punched next to it (for decorating purposes!)

It's almost perfect for my needs as a student (and some time recruiter). But now I've got a personal size for 2014 it will probably change a bit!

Because I'm using my phone my photos are all grouped at the bottom (sorry about that) but hopefully you get the gist.

Feel free to ask about the outfit too!

Until tomorrow!

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