Sunday, 24 November 2013

#bedn- date night

I'm slipping, this one is late... Again!
Date night hey?
When I first wrote this down I thought this would be one I skipped!
I'm currently single so I can't say I spent last night on a date. I actually went to a banquet/80s disco at church with my best friend (who's a pretty good date actually!)
I decided to talk about some good and bad dates I've been on!

The Good:
I went on a date in the summer: a meal, then onto Bournemouth pier to go on the rides and play on the amusements! I had SO much fun!
And the sweetest thing was he paid for everything! Now I'm not a gold digger but I mean... We went to asda and I needed mouthwash (impacted wisdom teeth. Attractive) and he paid for that! Adorable!

The bad:
I went on a wonderful date with someone I'm still friends with but as he was driving home he got caught speeding!! By a police women holding a camera. So he got pulled over and I had to sit in the car whilst the paper work got filled out. Awkward! But also very funny! Least I can't say I'm a cheap date!

The awful:
I met a lovely guy through a friend on a night out. We met for lunch and it was excruciating! We had nothing to say to each other! He genuinely asked me.. "so... Do you like stuff?" like, you KNOW it's bad when you get asked that! Needless to say, we didn't go out again!

So that's a brief round up of some of my memorable date nights!

Until tomorrow (nope, 10mins time... Again!)

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