Thursday, 7 November 2013

#bedn - 10 things

This one is a quickie! A combination of not sleeping last night, a heavy Day of training and a big meal means despite the early hour I am ready for bed!
So 10 things I love: (in no particular order)

1. Tea- hot and sweet (like my men) seriously, I don't function without tea. You know I'm ill if I turn down tea (or I'm on the vino). I mainly rely on a whole lot of tea and a whole lot of Jesus!

2. Moving smoothly into: Jesus! I am constantly in awe of his love and amazed by Grace! Without getting preachy I genuinely mean that I regularly can't comprehend how he could love someone like me. Truly amazing!

3. Being part of a big family - we have our differences and our difficulties but I wouldn't be without my huge family (7 other siblings) - my parents  (biological and step) are hugely supportive, my grandparents wonderfully inspirational and my siblings are just amazing- seriously, the 7 of us have the potential to change the world! I'm so proud of that!

4. Being a twin - I doubt the rest of my family would be offended by Chloe getting a special mention. This girl is my soul mate and best friend. Its not just I can't imagine life without her it's that I refuse to accept its existence! No-one makes me laugh the way she does. And o mean crying with laughter over something no-one else would understand!

5. Vintage clothing- actually, just the whole concept of vintage. If we learn about the past we try to insure we don't repeat their mistakes. But superficially, the clothes are amazing! And you can almost guarantee a piece no-one else will have! I just wish my mum had kept her clothes from 80s- it'd save me some money! 

6. Weddings - I really do love a good wedding! Thank goodness for wedding blogs and pinterest! I just passed a very basic wedding planning course, I don't know if I'll ever use it but I hope so! Let me know if you require my services!

7. Learning - much as I battled through school and occasionally wish I hadn't come to uni I love learning! I'm fascinated (if slightly out of my depth) by my new module this year and love attending training sessions! I hope I never stop learning, honestly!

8. Youth Work - you'd have to read my other blog ( to know this is something I've learnt to love again recently! But I do, my heart is for a generation of Young people who I pray grow up surrounded my adults who love and support them! And I hope yoe be one of those adults!

9. Travel- I only got the travel bug recently after a trip to Ghana in 2011 but I am desperate to explore. I've been lucky this year to see Paris and Crete and I'm saving for an America road trip next year but that's just some of the list!

10. Writing - this one is vague! I'm actually a bit of a traditionalist whilst I love technology my mobile and Twitter especially I also love writing! Ive recently bought some beautiful notecards and started writing letters again (incidentally check out:( but also why I'm an advocate for the filofax!

There is so much more I could list! But sticking to 10. Earlier in my blog I wrote a fuller list so feel free to check it out!

What does your list look like?

Until tomorrow

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