Thursday, 24 October 2013

Organisation 1.0

I am an organiser. If I'm asked at a job interview one my qualities, organisation is up there!
Inspired by some of the blogs I've been reading this week I decided to post a blog about how I organise myself.
Now, this is version 1.0 because you'll see as you read I already have ideas on changing it/making it more effective. 

But here goes:
(sorry my photos aren't the best quality)

The Wall Planner

Every fresher's fair there's normally a free wall calendar for the academic year, unfortunately not this year! so I got this one off of ebay. The spaces to write are pretty tiny, so it takes some abbreviating skills! 

The stickers came with it too! I love them. In case you can't see properly in the picture:
orange is for placement (there should be wayyy more on there!)
yellow is for when i'm meant to start my assignments (4 weeks before due date. I'm determined this year)
and green is for when they're due. 

I've also got all the dates typed up and intend to stick that next to the calender.
The pen I've used to write on it came free with the calendar  but it's not very good! it smudges and doesn't try- so I think i'm going to overhaul the whole thing and write with a biro (or multi coloured biros).

Stuff is going to get really busy in the New Year so I think that's when the calandar is really going to come in to it's own. 

oh, and the washi tape was from my housemate. I want more!

The White Board

I discovered my love of white boards whilst working in recruitment this summer! 
I found a beautiful chalkboard design on pinterest but I can't find the original image. Anyway, It's way more creative than mine-

But I'm not especially creative, so mine looks like a slightly less cool version. 
The 'to remember' section is for those things which aren't really essential for my daily 'To Do' list but that I really need to get done. 
I'm think of dividing it up into:

Urgent/Not important
Not Urgent/Important
Not Urgent/Not important 

but we shall see!

The this week section helps me keep a track of the extra bits I'm doing this week that aren't normally scheduled in.

and I like a good, inspirational bible verse to read as I'm getting ready each day! Feel free to recommend one for me!

The Filofax

Call me oldfashioned, but I LOVEEEE my filofax.
I got my purple finsbury pocket size for Christmas last year and it is my baby. 
I carry it everywhere with me- and if it's not in there, it's probably not worth knowing about!

This week through pinterest and blogs my eyes have been opened to how beautiful filofaxes can look- so my mission for 2014 is to make sure it looks more interesting and beautiful rather than just scribbled appointments! 

I need some washi tape and pretty pens, basically. Hello Christmas list! 

The App

Did you think I was completely out of the 21st Century and did everything with a pen and paper?
I really do prefer writing stuff down. But since I always have my phone in my hand, this app is so.. uh... Handy (!!) .
Apparently, it's not available for I-phone users (booo. sorry!) But for other smart phone users, this app is a must have. It's called: "Keep" and it makes lists and notes (that look like post its), you can choose colours, set reminders etc. I love it! Oh. and it's free. ooohhh. 

so, that's where I'm at right now.

what do you think? Do you have any organisation advice?

L x

p.s. I also write a youth work blog: Confessions of a Youth Worker

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