Saturday, 10 March 2012

Blog Lust

So, I haven't been blogging myself recently.. But I have been reading a lot of blogs. Here, is some of my favourites:

Erin Ever After

As the picture suggests: musings in the world of wedding and design. But oh, so much more! I could spend hours trawling this blog and being inspired by all the loveliness. In fact, I just want to be friends with Erin. Her mind, catch phrases and eye for all things lovely just makes me soo happy. Check it out. NOW.
oh and p.s. her wedding, looked beautiful. Not that I'm wedding obsessed! ;) 

M Loves M 

A lifestyle and style blog. Mara is just beautiful and so, so stylish- I'd like to steal her wardrobe please! or have her dress and shop for me daily. Her and Matthew are just the cutest couple and it's actually lovely, rather then sickening, to watch their relationship grow! Cuteeee!

oh! happy day!

Full of beautiful things, that make me want to be all crafty and creative and lots of lovely wedding stuff. Plus, Jordan is a sweetheart! :D 

and finally, one I've mentioned before... Oh, wow. Cute!
Sorry, there's no banner for this. But my this is friend Leah's blog. Full of cute stuff, life updates and general loveliness. ps. she owns a vintage shop and has the cutest baby daughter. Fact!

So that's what has been keeping me entertained for the last few weeks. Any other blog recommendations?


P.s. I'm going to blogging more often from now and also on my other blog: Confessions of a Youth Worker

p.p.s check me out uploading photos and hyperlinks... blogging expert! 

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