Monday, 5 December 2011

Bed Rest

For those of you that are friends with me on facebook or follow me on twitter, you will know this weekend I've been ill.
This morning the doctors told me I have a virus which has spread to my inner ear. So, not only do I have a banging headache and glands the size of golf balls (never reassuring when the Doctor is shocked) but I'm also dizzy, light headed and generally feeling awful. I've been very lucky to be well looked after by a certain boy this weekend, but unfortunately, today i've been left to my own devices. I have watched "A Night with Beyonce" and slept, tried to do some reading for my lecture tomorrow (which I'm determined to be in)- and been told off for doing work. 
As a result, I'm moping!

However, I discovered my friend, Leah's blog- Oh, wow cute! I've known Leah since we were in year... 10? I think! and She's grown up to be an inspiration- shop owner, wife and soon to be mummy! her love of vintage and her vintage shop, Vintage Per Sempre- Boscombe is a big reason behind my love of all things vintage (and some of the vintage items in my wardrobe)

Anyway, as my trawling of the internet normally does... her blog lead me to other sites and now i'm very content drinking hot blackcurrant and trawling cute blogs and photo websites. You should check these out:
Thrilld- How cute is that photo? Thrilld is full of cute photos and is described as "the online scrapbook" too adorable.

We <3 It- Another online scrapbook style website. Again, full of cute pictures of vintage clothes, kooky looking girls, cute couples, fit boys (one direction boys ;)) I'm currently trawling to find a new background for my laptop. 

Pinterest- Do you really need any justification? Just look at that adorable picture. Pinterest is an online pinboard... full of cooking ideas, wedding planning bits, room decorating, and cute photos. Yup- sounds quite perfect to me.

and better yet, having stalked some blogs. i've tried to improve mine. What do we think?
Any other cute websites?
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