Sunday, 13 November 2011

Y'all ready for this?

So, I haven't blogged in MONTHS!
But one of my uni lecturers, yes UNI ;) suggested that we start writing journal entries each day and it made sense to me to put it into a blog, so, hopefully i'll be blogging on a daily, or as close as basis! 

So, I'm coming to the end of another weekend, and I can't say that I have much to show for it! some shopping from primark, full cupboards, some handwashing and a lot of sleep. But sometimes you need that right? ok, so I haven't done much work or reading, but I feel pretty relaxed and it's been a nice weekend. 
I have the best housemates, whether half of them are going out on a Friday night and coming back to loudly rant about the rudeness of the S.U. bouncer, or we're spending our Saturday nights, sat around the table, laptops on with me testing Bryony on psychology, and everyone else seems to know the answers more then her! They're honestly the best bunch of girls I could ever have hoped to live with and I'm soo excited for the next few months with them.

I'm entirely full of Christmas spirit after Thursday's night switch on. i came home and made a vast amount of mulled cider and it's taking a lot of willpower not to throw tinsel around the place! Although, when I walk past the local pound shop tomorrow, I can't promise I won't go in... it is after all about 6 weeks 'til Christmas and if it's good enough for Chester town centre it can damn well be good enough for Meadowbank Mansions! Right?

well, that's kinda it, just getting myself back into the blogsphere!

Night xx
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