Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Oh Please...

"Go for it. Just ask him" "No, I could never do that... he should do the chasing"
This was a conversation between a friend and I yesterday. Two guesses as to which person was me.
Seriously though..
women are strong in politics, media, business and music. To name just a few of our strengths.
Yet, we're still too shy, to ask someone out. Really?

I truly wear my heart on my sleeve, sometimes to my detriment. But if I like someone, or I'm interested. They will know. And as I recently found out, other people quickly figure it out too. But at least there's no game playing from my end. If I like you, I like you and I'll probably want to act on that feeling, again, sometimes to my detriment! 

So maybe that's why I struggle so much with this idea, that we can't ask someone out...not even for an innocent coffee or drink. As a good friend and namesake once said, "going for coffee isn't illegal" and what do we honestly gain from not asking? The agonising over whether they might ever get the balls to ask us. Remember ladies, we can be pretty damn intimidating.

and what do we lose from asking? the risk of rejection,but if it's just a casual meet up, who really cares? It's not as if you're in love with the guy. and if you are, honey, you should have made that move a while ago! 

At risk of sounding like some kind of wacko, self helf, hypnosis tape. We really are amazing women, we have our flaws, our nuances and our downright weird bits. But isn't that what the perfect guy is going to love about us? and that guy really could just be one question away.

Now, I'm not saying we should always do the chasing. Hell, I crave the chase and I damn well deserve to be treated like a princess. But, I honestly think you can ask someone out without compromising our worth or value.

In fact, isn't an informal date the perfect opportunity to find out if this guy will treat us the way we deserve. Is he polite? Does he open doors for people? Does he order a very girly drink? (trust me, I think it's ok to be picky about these things.) and does he make you laugh?
How can we find out these things, and more if we don't ask!

So go on Ladies. I dare you.

and I want to hear your stories or opinions

Love Laura 

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