Friday, 24 March 2017

Face Your Fashion Fears With Dia&Co

Ladies, it is try-day Friday! Are you ready?

How many times have you tried to create a new outfit for a night out or an event, that feels a bit out of your comfort zone or your usual wardrobe, only to chicken out last minute and pull out the old favourite? Try-day Friday is about upping our confidence and trying new styles. 

For try-day Friday the lovely people at Dia & Co have challenged me to face my fashion fears and share what clothing item I've always wanted to try but have been scared to.

For me, it has to be the tulle skirt. I dream of being swathed in layers of tutu like elegance, twirling around like a ballet princess, recreating the opening credits to Sex and the City (without getting soaked by a puddle and definitely wearing a bra!). 

Can I be really honest, since we're facing our fears, I own one! I've worn it once and I felt so unconfident in it that I haven't worn it again since. 

Time to make a change and face my fashion fears.  Like a true blogger I've taken to Pinterest and fellow bloggers for some inspiration and anxiety-reducing preparation:

What do you think? How would you wear it?

So, feeling inspired and ready, as part of try-day Friday, tonight I will be facing my fears, digging out my skirt, channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw and wearing the heck out my tulle skirt. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram where I'll be sharing my full facing-my-fashion-fears outfit, accompanied by a nice glass of prosecco!

What are your fashion fears? Are you ready to face them next try-day?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Living Life Unfiltered

Living Life Unfiltered

I currently follow 780 people on Instagram. Some are real-life friends, others have become friends, some are bloggers or slimming world members, some I follow for home inspiration or fitness.

I spend hours on Instagram, I'm not ashamed to admit that. But occasionally I do get jealous. I berate myself for my lack of aesthetic! Some people have these picture perfect accounts, a brand. All their photos in the same stunning filter, the beautiful flat lay, the ability to throw rose petals on to their kitchen side in an arty manner or make their morning porridge look like a work of Monet.

And I aspire to be like that. Editing photos, rearranging and retaking. Filtering and cropping, then despairing when it only gets a few likes. Telling myself to "curate" my profile so that it's all one style, with perfect tones and a colour palette.

I do envy those people, but I'm trying to instead be inspired by their photography. To learn how to use my iPhone better, to combat my shaky hand. But to still capture the real. The messy hair and untidy living room. The tasty, healthy meal that went straight from pan to bowl with little thought for anything except wanting to eat. The excited, frantic blue of my mum's cocker spaniel as he greets me after months apart. My inability to take a selfie I'm one hundred percent happy with. The one handed unboxing of my Birch Box because I am so excited by receiving post but I also have work to do! The reality.

Please don't think I'm criticising. I know one of my blogger followers personally and she really is that graceful in real life, I can fully believe her house is Homes magazine perfect. But I don't want people to look at my photos and think I'm faking it. 

I know the phrase journey is so cliched, but I want people to follow the ups and downs, the mess and chaos, the exuberant joy and the darkness. 

I want to live a life unfiltered. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Mayberry Jamberry Picks March 2017

Hello! How are you?

You may remember me talking allll about Jamberry Nail Wraps a little while ago. Well, since then my beautiful twin sister has become the ultimate in Girl Boss and set up her own Jamberry business.

Each month she'll be sharing her wrap of the month, exclusively here! So shall we get started? Over to you.. Chloë.. 

With over 300 designs to choose from my favourite Jamberry wrap seems to change on a daily basis.

Copper Sea Jamberry Nails

But... ever since I saw copper sea in the new catalogue sneak peek I have absolutely fallen in love with it!
I'm a huge fan of navy so it ticks that box... and my motto in life is if in doubt add glitter so yeah that box is ticked too.
Plus the designs on the wrap sheet mean you can wear the glitter in a really understated way if it's not you thing! It's just such a classy wrap.

I have a few weddings coming up this year and I think this is definitely on my list for wedding manicures!

Even better it pairs beautifully with some of our other wraps. I'm thinking it'd make a great accent nail with sapphire and I've also seen it paired with one of my other favourite wraps kimono.

Kimono Jamberry Nails

Shop the full range at my shop or find me on facebook Mayberry Jamberry.

Thank you Chloë, see you next month. 

Take a look and let me know what your favourite wrap is this month (believe me you'll have another new favourite within a month or less!)

Saturday, 18 March 2017

30 before 30

Ok, so I shared my 25 before 25 update recently and decided that since I hadn't quite managed it and some of the bits that made the list were really odd choices I'd mix it up a bit, add some bits and create a 30 before 30.

30 before 30

I have crossed out at the top the 7 I did manage and I've got half a point for: read 5 classic books (I can't name them but think I have!!), do an Ikea hack (In progress) and learn Italian (Duolingo is ongoing!). Shoutout to my twin, Chloe who told me she'd give me full marks for those!!

  1. Buy a car
  2. Go to Iceland
  3. Have a decent savings account (i.e. not £4)
  4. Do something different with my hair
  5. Get married
  6. Make chutney
  7. Drink water regularly
  8. Learn Italian
  9. Do an Ikea hack
  10. Read 5 classic books (and be able to name them)
  11. Visit Ireland
  12. Sew a cushion cover 
  13. Finish the rag rug
  14. Read the whole of the New Testament 
  15. Ride a Vespa
  16. Write a short story 
  17. Visit Edinburgh 
  18. Make wine 
  19. Watch all the Lord of the Rings Films (Just to say I have)
  20. Go to Go ape
  21. Zipwire
  22. Ski (take a skiing lesson) 
  23. Blend my own tea
  24. Make an item of clothing
  25. Run 5k for charity 
  26. Start a masters 
  27. Visit New York
  28. Watch The Railway Children in London 
  29. Grow a plant 
  30. Write an article for The Pool 
Now over to you, what are makes your list? 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

25 Before 25: Update

In May 2014, before Twentea Something was even a thing, (eeek. how long ago?) I first shared my 25 before 25 post. Now that I've turned 25 I figured it was time to revisit and see how I did! 

Twentea Something - 25 Before 25

Blogger confession: the original graphic on the post made me cringe so I definitely changed that before resharing! God bless, Canva

Here's the original list, I've crossed out the ones I've achieved: 

  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Buy a puppy/dog
  3. Finish the rag rug
  4. Learn to crochet
  5. Ride a vespa
  6. Buy a car
  7. Go to Oktoberfest 
  8. Go to Iceland
  9. Have a decent savings account (i.e. not £4) 
  10. Do something different with my hair
  11. Visit Edinburgh 
  12. Get married (Don't worry Andy knows this one!) 
  13. Read 5 classic books 
  14. Make chutney 
  15. Make wine 
  16. Do an Ikea hack 
  17. Learn Italian 
  18. Watch all the Lord of the Rings Films (Just to say I have)
  19. Go to Go ape
  20. Zipwire
  21. Ski 
  22. Blend my own tea
  23. Make an item of clothing
  24. Set up a regular charity donation
  25. Drink water reguarly 
Grief, ok, so of the 25 I've managed.... 7!! 

Plus I'm giving myself half points for: Read 5 classic books, because I don't know what I meant by that but reckon I have, do an Ikea hack because the coffee table project is nearly there and for learn Italian, because well... I started Duolingo!! So I get 8.5 points right?? 

Looking at the list now I'm not even sure why I chose some of them!! Oktoberfest just sounded cool and like something you're meant to put in your bucket list. But I hate beer and I hate crowds. Buy a puppy or dog, I clearly hadn't allowed for us moving into a second floor flat a year later on top of working long hours and being away a lot, so I'll put that down to naivety! 

I've decided to have a think, change my list a little bit and then to make sure I don't get off lightly I'm going to share my 30 before 30 (by which time this blog will have to become Thirtea Something!!) 

What would make your list? When is your next big birthday?

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Iceland: Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland

I am an awful blogger, I really am. But here I am, talking about Iceland a month and a half after we got back and just before we go on another trip (that says less about my tardiness and more about our compulsive jet-setting, though!) 

I think I first fell in love with Iceland because I saw a blog post about the Blue Lagoon on Pinterest (of course) and that was it, my heart was set.

Over two years later and we finally made it there! After reading all sorts of recommendations we went straight from the airport to the Blue Lagoon (There's a Grey Line stop right outside the terminal exit - remember that name, I wil mention them a lot). 

We arrived just after sunset so it was really very dark which added an eerie sort of element. We had already paid for the Comfort package which included a towel, super handy.

When you check in you're given a wrist band which is used for your locker and for payment which is great because there's no risk of losing anything. The changing room I was shown to was really tiny and cramped. I later found out, to my detriment that this wasn't the only changing area! You must shower beforehand, again, there weren't many showers available, especially as a group of girls seemed to be involved in a sponsored washathon!! But finally, I made it outside. 

Blue Lagoon Iceland

It is cold outside, especially in swimmers but it wasn't unbearable and once you're in the calm, hot water you don't care anyway. It was so warm, which sound ridiculous because it's a thermal pool but I couldn't believe that it felt much much warmer than a bath. Because it was dark, I couldn't see much further than my face so we gingerly made our way around the pool, stopping for a silica mud mask and a drink.

It was such an amazing, unforgettable experience, 5 'o clock at night, pitch black, drinking a cherry whilst sat in a naturally heated pool. We spent about an hour and a half relaxing at The Blue Lagoon.  

The only time I got even a little bit cold was when we got out and I couldn't find my flip flops, pacing up and down the outside decking was a little chilly but again not as bad as I expected and I soon warmed up when I got back inside. 

This is the point I fell into some difficulty with the multiple changing rooms. I said goodbye to Andy arranging to meet him at the exit, went into the changing room, took a shower, started to strip off (TMI?) only to realise that I didn't recognise any of the lockers and my number wasn't there. I hunted up and down the rows and couldn't find them anywhere. So back on went the wet swimming costume (never fun) and it was only then that I realised the changing room I wanted was upstairs. Oops!

The buses leave fro Reykjavik every hour and there was one waiting when we finished so we hopped on that and were soon headed to our hotel. 

Top Tops for The Blue Lagoon

1. Go straight from the airport. This can be booked before hand or at The Greyline counter upon arrival. Tours leave from the airport every hour or so. 
2. Pack what you need in your hand luggag -: swimming costume, towel etc. 
3. Bring flip flops - I know, you're visiting Iceland, hardly flip-flop weather! But you'll want these when you step outside onto the decking. Although I recommend bringing some distinctive looking ones. My black Havana style flip flops got lost among the Blue Lagoon branded flip flops! 
4. Lather up the conditioner - I was so worried about my hair being nasty afterwards because it's bleached but I didn't notice any changes despite warnings that the water can wreck havoc but my hair was saturated in the conditioner, it's free. Make the most of it!!
5. Get a drink - I would strongly advocate paying that bit extra for the Comfort Package, it's 2000 ISK (approx £14) more than the standard package but includes a towel and a free drink. Totally worth it in my opinion. But it was magical to find a shallow bit to sit down in and enjoy a drink while enjoying the water. 


Blue Lagoon Iceland

Monday, 6 February 2017

Hitting my Workout Goals with AdoreMe

Hello Ladies!

It's Feburary, how are you getting on with those New Year's Resolutions? I'm doing well on the weight loss: eating well. drinking lots of water and so far I've lost 6lbs in 3 weeks.

BUT now it's time to get back into the gym (and stop wasting my money and not going) and get back to the barre to get all toned up and fit! 

What better way to inspire me than new workout gear? So I've been keeping my eye on the AdoreMe Instagram for gym wear inspiration and today I'm sharing a pick of my favourites. 

Namia Active Jogger Set

AdoreMe Workout Gear

How cosy does this look? The keyhole back and loose, 3/4 length joggers would be perfect for stretching and barre while still keeping cool and looking great. 

Alia Cropped Pant Set

AdoreMe Workout Gear
This pattern is beautiful and such lovely colours. I'm not confident enough to wear just a crop top but this would be great underneath a slouchy top and the higher waistband means no embarrassing builder's bums when I bend down to pick up the weights. 

Darshi Active Pant Set

AdoreMe Workout Gear
My favourite colour is purple, so how could I resist this super cute set? The mesh detail and lightweight fabric will keep me cool even when I'm pushing myself with a HIIT session (I've managed one in January, so more than one is a bonus, right?) 

The best bit? With their brilliant 3 sets for $79.95 I can have all three without breaking a sweat (sorry!) 

AdoreMe Activewear is available in an excellent range of sizes, so there's something for every size and shape. They've got perfectly fitting activewear lets you focus on (and dominate at) any task at hand. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping

AdoreMe also stock lingerie, bras, sleepwear and more. For more style inspiration, check out their Instagram

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